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Review: Saved by the Music by Selene Castrovilla

Saved by the Music Saved by the Music by Selene Castrovilla

The last place fifteen-year-old Willow wants to spend her summer is on a run-down former coffee barge in a boatyard in Rockaway, New York. But that's where her aunt is converting the broken down hulk into a floating concert hall and Willow has no choice but to help; her unstable mom has kicked her out for the summer. Willow's miserable when she sees that there isn't even a shower on the barge, and she has to deal with Craig, the leering hunk of a construction worker working with her aunt. The only bright spot is Axel, an older teenage boy living alone on a neighboring sailboat. Introverted and mysterious, he has the soul of a poet, a deep, philosophical mind, and loves Shakespeare. He's also scarred by a painful, disturbing past, and the two bond through their shared pain and laughter. But when devastating events threaten to destroy them, Willow and Axel struggle to save each other--and themselves--before it's too late.

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Published in US:  Oct 1st 2009, Stand-alone novel

**My rating: 5/5**

*My review*

Saved by the Music is a heart breaking tale of love, pain, fears, loss and redemption. The main character Willow had a rough childhood and also is put through a tragic event in this book. She is strong though, and she learns to trust.
Though Axel is broken as well, they find a way to fall in love and to heal one another. They are there for the other and are capable of great love, and understand. I love seeing him strong for her, and being her champion.
Aunt Aggie is an amazing character. She is a gem in the young adult world where quality adults are far and few between. She is a solid foundation for Willow, and I really appreciated how she was able to really listen and be there for her, once she learned how to relate to her.

Castrovilla beautifully wrought this tale, dealing with extremely sensitive subjects well (though not graphic I would only recommend for mature teens who can process tough issues). Her novel is paced well, and it kept me captivated the whole way through.

I would love to hear what you think of my review and/or this book.


  1. I've never heard of this one, Brandi! I think it sounds beautiful, and I'm glad to hear you really enjoyed it! Great review :)

  2. The book sounds wonderful. Thanks for the review!

  3. Lately, I'm immersed in UF and PR but books like this one, might just draw me back to YA and heartfelt stories again *g*

    It's been a while, so this book would be a great way to start! Thanks for the review!

  4. Thank you for this thoughtful review. This book is particularly close to me, as it's semi-autobiographical. It was tough to write! It's quite rewarding when people connect with it.
    -Selene C.


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