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Review: The Pace by Shelena Shorts

The Pace 
The Pace by Shelena Shorts

Weston Wilson is not immortal and he is of this world. But, aging is not part of his existence, and eighteen-year-old Sophie Slone is determined to find out why. In doing so, she could also uncover something about her own life expectancy that she may not want to know. Suddenly, immortality will mean everything and nothing all at the same time. Intensely fascinating and rich with determination, The Pace brings together romance, mystery, and suspense in a compelling bond that is sure to have readers asking for more.

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Published in US:  Aug 2009
Book one in series (2nd The Broken Lake is already released)
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**My rating: 4/5**

*My review*

 The Pace is a tale of love, mystery and the impossible becoming possible. It is well paced with developed, likable characters.
  Sophie is a fairly level headed, smart character. I love that her mother is involved in her life, and that she takes direction and advice from her. She is wise with her trust, but once placed she is a loyal character. Though emotional, she does look at things objectively instead of blindly accepting or ignoring.
  Wes is a mysterious, charming, but ultimately vulnerable guy, with awesome cars and lots of money. He is generous though, and kind. Their relationship begins as friends and progresses, which I like. Though Sophie had feelings at once, she did take things slow; and it was more attraction and wonder at the mystery that drew her in and then she fell more when she actually got to know him.
  Shelena's take on immortality is a very unique one and it had me wondering what was going on with him until the mystery unfolded bit by bit. I also enjoyed the theme of undying love and where it goes with that (you will understand when you read, and I don't want to spoil anything).
  I cannot wait to get the next book because I am not quite satisfied with the ending, but at least I do know that questions will be answered and plot resolved very soon.
  The Pace was an enjoyable read and I read through it quickly. I would recommend giving it a go!

I would love to hear what you think of my review and/or this book!

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  1. I didn't really hear much about this one, but it looks really fascinating. I gotta look out for this one. Great Review!

  2. I really enjoyed The Pace. It definitely was an interesting concept. Great review :)

  3. Great review! I loved pretty much everything about this book and the sequel is just as amazing. I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :-)

  4. Thanks for the review! I was curious about this book. I will add it to my TBR now.

  5. I haven't heard of this book but it seems interesting!
    I don't think I have ever read anyting where agelessness wasn't tied with vampirism or something like that :P

    Thanks for the review!

  6. Oh I loved this booK =) And the second one also. Though it only makes you want more by the end *sighs* So glad you liked it! Great review =)

  7. I really enjoyed this book too. It got a little lackluster with the sequel, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

  8. I totally agree with your review of The Pace! I got to know this book by actually meeting Shelena in person at my local book festival. I even met her publisher that might be interested in my own writings. :D
    This book is such an easy read, I finished it in one sitting. It is very attention capturing worthy.
    And you express this through your review throughly.
    I'm glad that you enjoyed it and reccomended it your followers!
    It is truly an amazing read!
    I REALLY want "The Broken Glass." ;)


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