Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loving the Reviews Link your Reviews here!

The time has come!! I am so excited! This is where you will link up your February reviews to be entered into the contest, the linky is the SAME on both blogs. You only need to enter once.

If you don't know what LRC is, you should sign up here

Be sure to check here and at Sniffly Kitty's because pretty much every day this month, we will have a Featured Author! There will be interviews, guest posts, and reviews. Full schedule and list of prizes below!

Remember, if you review one of our Featured Authors- you will get extra entries into the giveaway. Simply fill out the form below to claim your extra entries!

Here's our prizes:
Remember, you get one entry for ANY book you review this month. Make sure to add our banner (code below) to the post somewhere :) If you show some love for our featured authors and review their books, you get extra entries!
If you don't have a blog, you can review on Goodreads, just link back here or to Sniffly's post
US Only
Signed Copy of

1 Copy Each of


In addition 1 SUPER LUCKY US winner will get the 3 books below! Big thank you to Fiction State of Mindfor this special prize ^.^


US & Canada
Signed Copies of

1 Copy of

2 Copies of

International (Includes US & Canada)
1 Copy Each of

Book Depository

E-books (Note: the e-book of Solid is non-US ONLY)

Minder Kate Kaynak (Ebook international)
Amber Frost by Suzi Davis (e-book International)
Eldala by Michelle Gregory (e-book International)
Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens (international)
Star in the Middle, Carol Millward (international)
Human Blend Lori Pescatore (International)
Rising Shadow Jacquelyn Wheeler (International)
Harvest Moon Krista D. Ball (International)

Banana Kiss by Bonnie Rozanski (Ebook International)
Mierdome by Kate O'Hegarty (Ebook International)
From The Dead by John Herrick (hard copy US, e-book international)
Giveaway Signed copy of Solid Shelley Workinger (ebook International, signed US)
Tyger Tyger Kersten Hamilton (where ever book depository ships)

Signed copy of Boyfriend of the Month Club Maria Geraci (US and Canada)

audiobook The DUFF Kody Keplinger (US and Canada only)
Outside In by Maria Snyder (US and Canada)
Sliding on the Edge c. Lee McKenzie (US and Canada only)
Swan Maiden (US and Canada)
AnLosing Faith by Denise Jaden (US only)
Language of Love by Deborah Reder (US only)

The Light of Asteria: Kailmeyra’s Last Hope Elizabeth Isaacs (US only)

And from Fiction State of Mind- these 3 ARCs will go to one US winner
Entice by Carrie Jones
Out for Blood by Alyxandra Harvey
White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick

Feb 2nd - Krista D. Ball
Feb 3rd - John Herrick
Feb 4th - Stephanie Dray
Feb 5th - Suzi Davis
Feb 6th - CC Hunter
Feb 7th - Elizabeth Isaacs
Feb 8th - Maria Geraci
Feb 9th - Kate Kaynak
Feb 10th - Kersten Hamilton
Feb 11th - Angela Morrison
Feb 12th - Bonnie Rozanski
Feb 13th - Kate Hegarty
Feb 14th - Carol Millward
Feb 15th - C Lee McKenzie
Feb 16th - Shelley Workinger
Feb 17th - Jennifer Murgia
Feb 19th - Deborah Reber
Feb 20th - Jennifer Laurens
Feb 21st - Jacquelyn Wheeler
Feb 22nd - Maria V. Snyder
Feb 23rd - Lori Pescatore
Feb 24th - Denise Jaden
Feb 25th - Michelle Gregory
Feb 26th - Heather Tomlinson

In addition Kody Keplinger is also a featured author.

And here are the codes for the LRC banners:

Sidebar code below


  1. Very cool! This is an awesome challenge. Is this the linky that we plug out reviews in for for the entire month? Or will there be different ones everyday?

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  2. Brandi, I'm sorry but I entered the same link twice. If you would delete the entry that just says "The Dark Divine". Thanks!

  3. Not too sure the link is working so I thought I'd link my first February review here.

    The Disappeared by Kim Echlin.


  4. Read and reviewed another four books for the challenge, a Milly Molly Mandy box-set.


  5. Sorry, I've tried again and still cnnot get the link to work.

    Enjoyed my latest book LIFE IN REWIND.


  6. Reviewed 'The Ring by Danielle Steel'


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