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LRC Featured Author Kersten Hamilton Guest Post (Tyger Tyger)

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Thank you for inviting me to do a guest post, Brandi!

I would love to hear what you and your readers think about something that I have been pondering: Should books ever be made into movies?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love movies. A lot. But they are a very different form of storytelling.  A movie is like a poem. There is a unity in film storytelling, a briefness that frames it and makes it poignant. And in my experience, the best movies were conceived as movies. Movies can call our hearts out of us, but they are not our own. Not in the way books are.

While a movie is the creation of a director, given to us as a gift, a book is a co-creation between a writer and reader. The characters don’t come to life before a reader’s eyes. They come to life in a reader’s heart and mind.

Movies are over after a brief flicker in the dark, over in one sitting. Books have more time to spend with the reader. You may put a book down and go about your day thinking about the story or characters.

Take Finn Mac Cumhaill from Tyger Tyger for example. What does Finn really look like? Close your eyes and remember him: the sexiest, most courageous guy you can think of.  Add an Irish accent, a bit of swagger. There you go. That’s your Finn. Partly my creation, sure. But really more your own. He came to life in your head and heart. I just planted the seeds he sprang from.

I have favorite movies that were made from books. But … I can’t say that the story didn’t lose substance the process of becoming a movie. It is as if someone has drawn a beautiful, flickering ghost out of the book I love.

So … let’s discuss it. Do you think books should be made into movies?

Kersten Hamilton

Thank you and I look forward to hearing what my readers think!!


  1. Hmmm, I think the movies have taken away from the books. At least for us who read them. And I think most books should not be made into movies as that happens. The mystery of creation in our minds eye. The extra details we get will reading which we miss on the big screen. You just can't fill that space.

    But, unfortunately I think more people are not reading anymore and prefer to watch the movie as its faster for them. They get the whole story in just a short hour or two. These people just don't know what they are missing out on.

    Great post! And wonderful topic. As a reader I've thought on this before. :)

  2. I think in order to fully enjoy a movie that originated as a book you've read you have to look at them as separate things. For example, I loved the gritty snark of Derby Girl and I loved the humour in Whip It (based on Derby Girl). But if I was to only base my opinion of Whip It on the book, I would have been disappointed.

    I also think that movie adaptations of books, especially YA, can get people reading. If someone goes to see, for example, I am Number Four and they aren't aware that it's a book, they may decide to pick it up and read it if they enjoyed the movie.

  3. I don't mind movies based on books, as long as they're not books that I love. Sometimes a so-so book can have a great movie version (I'm looking at you, Devil Wears Prada). When it comes to mysteries and thrillers, I usually don't enjoy the books (too impatient), but I love the movies. However, when it comes to a books that I've read and loved, the movie usually drives me nuts. The characters never look right, possibly because I'll change features in my mind sometimes when I'm reading a book. I can't watch the Harry Potter movies for that reason. Everyone says they're amazing, but I just keep thinking that Ron DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THAT!

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  5. Anna...Yes of course! Ive read quite a few books that were later turned into movies and if its a book that you loved then your on the edge of your seat at the theatre watching the charactors come to life...its not always as good as the book but, in some cases ( twillight series) the movie is much better than the book...just my opinion..


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