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Review: Sliding on the Edge by LRC Featured Author C. Lee McKenzie

Sliding on the Edge
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Review: Sliding on the Edge by C. Lee McKenzie

This is a young adult book that tackles the issues of cutting and suicide as it chronicles the journey of one girl destined to be a no one--that is until she finds a way to survive. 
Published in US: Apr 23rd 2009

**My Rating: 4/5**

*My Review*

    Shawna is a troubled girl who has had to build a tough exterior due to how she grew up. Her Mom left her to fend on her own a lot, but when her Mom clears out their apartment with her boyfriend, a note telling Shawna to go to her Grandmother's house, to a complete stranger.
    Under Kay (her Grandmother)'s love and structure, Shawna begins to open up. Kay runs a ranch with horses, who helps to open Shawna's heart as well. There is also a farm "hand" with personality and wise advice.

   Shawna's journey was painful and raw, but I felt like I could connect with her, understand her reasons for acting the way that she does. I loved seeing her open up to Kay, Kenny and Casey as well as a girl at school, Marta who befriends her. I also love to read about her interactions with the horses. Her journey of healing has   much to teach and gain.

I would love to hear what you think about this book and/or my review.

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