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Review: Doomed by Tracy Deebs


Doomed by Tracy Deebs

Publishes in US: Jan 8th 2012
Source: Walker via Netgalley

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Blkosiner's Book Blog review

       I loved this premise and it was executed wonderfully. The attention to detail and the depth of the plot blew me away.
        I really connected with Pandora the main character and I loved being in her head. She was brave at the right times she kept her compassion and empathy towards others even when her own world was crumbling. She did just the right amount of freaking out especially for the circumstances.
       The tension between Eli and Theo was also great. They are step brothers and also both interested on Pandora which made for some really tense and at times awkward and at others very swoon worthy moments and def. added just the right things at the right moment. They balanced each other out well and had each others backs at just the perfect times. That doesn't mean that they always saw eye to eye but it did create an awesome dynamic.
      Though I could appreciate Eli's charm and his more open and flirty demeanor I always was more drawn to Theo. Whether his darker and broody side or the tension and mystery of their opening scene or his protector nature, I was always rooting for him.
      I was always wanting to find out more and wondering what they would face next both in the real world and in the video game.
          Speaking of, the writing of those scenes was flawless, it was like both they and I were really a part of the action in the video game and not just behind a screen.
        It is so chilling too think about a world like this, plunged into disarray and unplugged from technology, and she did a great job of relating the panic, and the tough choices you would have to make in situations like those.
         Bottom line: action packed, detailed story with a great plot and main character to adventure with.

My question to you, my lovely readers:
Would you be at all prepared for the power to fail?


  1. I loved this book and I agree, Pandora's character was awesome. Brave, yet vulnerable at the right times. :)

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  2. Ooooh, first time seeing this one, but the premise is incredibly intriguing, and I love the sound of the great writing! Lovely review :)

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  3. Awesome review! I loved this book too! Pandora's reaction to the whole event was definitely realistic. She had her strong, kickass moments, but she also freaked out a little too. That's probably how I would act if that happened to me LOL! I definitely wouldn't be perfect all the time, like people are in some books!

  4. Have to say that her father must have seriously have had it in for her to do something like that! I mean was he on drugs or what?
    I totally wouldn't be prepared for the power to go out. A weekend without the internet is hell in our house! I would have a large surply of paperbacks to keep me entertained though!

  5. it's nice to be connected to the characters like that. thanks for the review, didn't know this one.

  6. Sounds like the world is nicely set up within this book. As for the power? Probably not. :)

  7. Sweet review Brandi and the second stellar review I have read of this. Christy @ Love of Books loved this one too. Now if you looked at my top 10 YA for know i love Dystopian so this baby is going on my list. No power?!? How would i make my coffee?? Eep, i need to make a post-apocalyptic emergency kit, with a fire coffee pot, and tons of coffee beans, ooh and wood and flint! Must have coffee!!!

  8. Ooh, I'm surprised that I haven't seen a lot about this book before! It definitely looks action-packed, and it's great to know that the author was able to flawlessly execute the writing in the really important parts of the story. However, the love triangle is something I'm not so keen about....

    As for living with no power, I don't think I'd be able to do that!! I love my computer too much, haha. ;) I wouldn't be prepared at all!

  9. I'm glad you liked this one! I remember hearing of it ages ago when the author sent some swag it included an excerpt. It's nice that it's finally coming out cause it seems like it's been FOREVER! I'm not sure if it's a book for me or not though. I haven't been terribly drawn to it, but you never know!

  10. I am so afraid of failure it is tragic. I literally stress about failing anything. I'm glad you enjoyed this one sounds like a great read.

  11. I really like the sound of this one. It's very intriguing and I definitely want to know more. I'm also curious about the romance....Theo and Eli both sound great but from what you are saying I'm also TEAM THEO!! LOL ;p I can't wait to pick this one up. Glad you enjoyed this! :D

    ~ Maida

  12. sound a great book...i love the story..
    i will buy this book definetely..
    thx 4 the review :)

  13. Video games,end of the world & hotties-Sounds like a great read! :D

    Living without power would be a nightmare!

  14. I am reading this one soon. It sounds awesome. I would so not being prepared is the power failed.

  15. I would definitely not be prepared for the power to fail!!

    But this sounds like a wonderful story!! I especially like how the characters are likable and well developed:))

    Lovely review:)

  16. Sounds really good! I wouldn't be prepared AT ALL for the power to fail. :s
    Great review!

  17. It depends on the outcome, if it'll be irreversibly catastrophic then YES but if it'll give way for something better then I'll ride it out. Great interactive review Braindi!


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