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Review: The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer

The Confident Mom
The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer
Coach, cheerleader, confidant, chef and chauffeur: the job description of a mom is as broad as the horizon. Perhaps this is why so many mothers deal with insecurity and uncertainty as they do their best to raise their children in a challenging and ever-changing world. If you've ever gone to bed disappointed with yourself, if you've ever felt like you weren't measuring up, or if you've ever wished there was a manual for motherhood, #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer has just the
book for you.
In THE CONFIDENT MOM you will be encouraged that you are not alone--God is with you and He wants to help you with the challenges you face each day. Through inspiring stories, Biblical principles and Joyce's own valuable life lessons, there is no doubt you will discover the path to a new confidence and joy in motherhood. No matter your age, the size of your family, or the circumstances you find yourself in, THE CONFIDENT MOM will help you become the joyful, confident mother God created you to be!

Publishes in US: January 16th 2014 by "Hodder & Stoughton"
Genre: christian
Source: netgalley
Series? no

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    I decided to read this one because I always need more godly help being a good mom, and I have read and watched other stuff by Joyce, and I love her passion for God, and easy to understand voice. 
    I was pleased with the book, and glad that she used plenty of personal examples as well as scripture to back up what she was saying. 
    I took away from this one that I needed to trust in God and not on my own strength, but know that if I ask for help or wisdom, that God is right there and he wants to give it to me. I have to trust that he will do that in his ways and time though because I have my own ideas about how He should work, but they are never as perfect as what he has in mind. 
    She gave some general but also some practical advice, but reminds me that every child and situation is different and no matter how much I want for them to come with operating manuals, they don't. That I really have to be in the word and in prayer and then God can speak to the situation. 

Bottom Line: Uplifting and pointed me to God as a mom.

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  1. Hi Brandi! I'm Jennifer and new to your blog and blogging in general. I have 2 children, one is 2 years old and the second died at 24 weeks gestation. I always wanted kids and you're right as I became a mom I've learned that each child is different. I've learned not to compare my daughter to other children. And not to compare myself to other moms. God is my parental guide.


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