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Review: The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines, #4)
The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4) by Richelle Mead
In The Indigo Spell, Sydney was torn between the Alchemist way of life and what her heart and gut were telling her to do. And in one breathtaking moment that Richelle Mead fans will never forget, she made a decision that shocked even her. . . .
But the struggle isn't over for Sydney. As she navigates the aftermath of her life-changing decision, she still finds herself pulled in too many directions at once. Her sister Zoe has arrived, and while Sydney longs to grow closer to her, there's still so much she must keep secret. Working with Marcus has changed the way she views the Alchemists, and Sydney must tread a careful path as she harnesses her profound magical ability to undermine the way of life she was raised to defend. Consumed by passion and vengeance, Sydney struggles to keep her secret life under wraps as the threat of exposure—and re-education—looms larger than ever.
Pulses will race throughout this thrilling fourth installment in the New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series, where no secret is safe.

Publishes in US: November 19th 2013 by Razorbill
Genre: YA Paranormal
Source: Bought
Series? Bloodlines #4 1st is Bloodlines (review), 2nd is Golden Lily (review), Indigo Spell is 3rd (my review)

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   Wow, does a lot happen in this one. We get steamy romance, Adrian fighting his darkness and figuring out more of the direction of his life and what it means to really leave an impact, Sydney dealing with her sister, magic, tattoos, school, hiding her love life, and parental issues all at once. She has made such great strides in her thinking and in learning to be herself it is amazing. 
    Oh, and we get dual perspectives in this one. Amazing right? We get into the head of Adrian Ivashkov, and I loved every second. I got to see a whole other side to his life, thoughts, and also Sydney. 
    The characters in this one are a mix from all over, as well as some new people to shake things up even more, and you can almost feel the tension building and forming into what I know will blow my mind. There were some really profound conversations, hilariously funny moments, and also ones that made me want to melt. It really re-enforces Richelle's place on my fave list (well, I can only speak personally from the YA perspective because I haven't read her adult novels for some weird reason yet). 
     How far they have both come and how far they have still to go is so heavy on my mind right now. In fact, as usual my complaint is that I want the next book right this instant and I don't have it. Oh, and that ending. Wow. Left me hanging, and drooling to find out what's next. But also scared because in the acknowledgements she says to remember we are in the middle of a series, and the hard things are getting deep (well, something to that effect) but for us readers to hang in there. So, I am a lot afraid of what terrors await them in the next book while things get sorted out, but I was extremely glad to see the character development and a bit of peace, love and happiness with Adrian and Sydney before the proverbial shit hit the fan. 
     There was plenty of action to go along with all of this character growth, and there were some decisions made that were hand in hand brave and stupid, but it resulted in some great knowledge and strides for the changes brewing for this hidden vampire world and all who are associated with it. 

Bottom Line: Action packed, swoony, and lots of character growth. Give me more.

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  1. I have been seeing The Fiery Heart on my Goodreads feed so much in the last few days. I have yet to start this series, but I'm glad to see that Mead delivered a 5 star book for you!

  2. OOoh nice review!! Hearing lots of good things on this one and about this cliffhanger. It's what keeps me delaying reading it. The more delay, the shorter the wait til the next book! But I find I can probably only hold out til next month!

    No tattoos for me. I really hate needles.

  3. I need to catch up on this series. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much!

  4. :) I'm reading The Fiery Heart right now, Brandi. I completely agree - loving the dual POV. Adrian is sooo swoony!

  5. I had pretty much given up on this series, but all the great reviews for Fiery Heart has me reconsidering.

  6. I'm really nervous for the next book. I mean, I know what will ultimately happen, but I wonder what the path will be. And I thought Adrian's POV was perfect.

  7. I haven't read this series yet, but it sounds like Fiery Heart did not disappoint you! Glad you enjoyed it Brandi and thanks for the wonderful review :)

  8. It's been ages since I've read one of hers but I love them. I so need to get caught up with this series. Sounds like a great read :)

  9. I thought this one was amazing too! I preferred The Indigo Spell, but still, so wonderful! And the cliffhanger was bad, but I saw it coming,so I survived.

  10. I am so behidn on this series. I still am reading the Golden Lily. I guess that isn't a bad thing since it has cliffies. I will be reading this sooner than later and I cant' wait. No tattoos for me.

  11. Love to hear that about the dual POV! Can't wait to get to those romances scenes ;) It's great that there is action too, not just romance.

  12. nope, no markings just two little old earrings holes mark my body..LOL I am so glad this series is going well for you and that the romance is getting heated!

  13. I've only read the first VA book so I'm avoiding reviews this series since I'd like to start from the beginning. But I am happy to see your awesome rating!

  14. I've heard such wonderful things about this series, Brandi! I personally haven't read anything by Richelle, but I'd really like to. And Adrian sounds pretty swoony! As for your question, nope. I don't have any tattoos, but I'd love to get some bookish ones in the future! :)

  15. Great review!! I am so excited to read this book too :)
    Nope no tattoo, been considering one for a long time though!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  16. I loved Adrian's POV! I am dying for the next book!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  17. I'm so late in this series! really really behind, I need to read the second VA lol

  18. Great review! Though I have only read the first Vampire Academy book -this series goes with it too,right- I only skimmed your review. This definitely sounds like a great series!! :D

  19. After reading your review, I think I'll have to get my hands on this one! Can't wait to get into the head of Adrian :)


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