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Exclusive Giveaway: $30 amazon or paypal cash and 3 copies of Savage Run by E.J. Squires (Int)

Savage Run
Savage Run by E.J. Squires
Seventeen-year-old Heidi Cruise is a Laborer, the lowest ranking citizen in Newland, doomed to a life of servitude. Living under her father’s critical eye, and seeing how her best friend is being abused by her Master, she refuses to accept the hand that fate has dealt her. In an attempt to free her friend and herself, Heidi comes up with a dangerous plan: to disguise themselves as teenage boys and participate in Savage Run—a grueling, male-only obstacle course program, which if completed, freedom is rewarded.
But even before the plan is implemented, major complications arise and Heidi is forced to push forward alone. Before long, Nicholas, a registrar, discovers that Heidi is a girl. Nicholas has his own secrets, and being a rebel in his own right, he decides not to turn her in, but instead to help in any way possible. However, everything is jeopardized when Heidi’s gender is revealed and she must choose between her own safety, her freedom, and the ones she loves.

--The Twitter version: tell us about your book in 140 characters or less: 

Speculative YA novel: Heidi, a 17 yr-old slave Laborer, disguises herself as a boy and participates in a grueling, male-only obstacle program for a chance at freedom.

--Which character would you most/least like to have dinner with?
Most like to have for Dinner: Arthor, a gay slave Laborer, who time and again helps Heidi continue on the course.
Least like to have for dinner: Johnny. He's just as bad as they come and interested in nothing other than himself.

--Do you have any other works in progress? Any teasers or release dates?
I am editing the second book to my YA Paranormal Romance "Desirable Creatures" series. The series is about a senior in high school who find out she's a Huldra—a dangerous Norse Mythological creature who can appropriate virtues and vices from humans and can control them with her flair. It's the book after "Wraithsong," and is called "Blufire."

--What book(s) is your book’s “cousin”? (Similar kind of read, set-up or style)
It's the story of Mulan meets Divergent meets The Hunger Games meets Great American Ninja Warrior, but with quite a bit of romance between the different phases of the obstacles.

--What are some of your favorite books? Do you still have much time to read?
I read every day. Both fiction and non-fiction, so yes, reading is an absolute must for any author. Stephen King said it best: Read more than you write. Some of my favorite books are: Cry, the Beloved Country, Atonement, Eat, Pray, Love, Outlander, The Hunger Games...there are so many! I also love to read Anthony Robbins in non-fiction and I'm fascinated by any type of mythology.

--If a fairy godmother told you could be put into the world of your favorite book for 24 hours, which book would you pick and why?
It would have to be Margit Sandemo's "The Legend of the Ice People" series. It's set in early Christianized Scandinavia, and since I'm a Norwegian, I would love to travel back to that time and see what it was like.

--Do you need anything to write (music, coffee, etc)? Are there any songs on your playlist- songs that inspired you or that were playing while you wrote?
I don't need much, but one thing I do need is silence! I've tried writing to playlists, but the music gets too distracting. I think it's because I used to be a ballerina, and so my body can't sit still while I'm listening to music. Having three kids running around at home, there's never enough quiet time, but I sneak in some writing every chance I get. I also write better after I exercise, go figure. Yay endorphins! I wrote an article on my goodreads author page about my writing process and how authors can find their muse. Lots of good stuff!

--If you could have any superpower what would you choose?
I've never been able to nail down just one! When I think I find the one I want for sure, I find another one that's better. But right at this moment, I guess I would choose to have a wand that would clean up anything I needed. Kind of boring, I know, but you should see my house! No, should't see my house.

--Besides writing, what do you like to do in your free time?
Read. Exercise. Spend time with my family. Wow, I need to find some other extra-curricular activities. Not that I see it black on white, I sound super boring! 

--What is one thing you would tell your 15 year old self?
There's an old Viking saying that goes something like this: Trust no one so well that you trust not yourself better. I loved it so much I put it in my Viking Blood Saga, and I think it's very important that people learn to trust their intuition easy on.

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Evelyn Squires

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  1. This book sounds really cool! I love the idea of a Mulan, HG and Divergent kind of theme to it. Someone who is a slave and needs to disguise themselves as the opposite sex to survive. I think this might be one I want to read. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  2. It has been ages since I read any dystopia

  3. Oooh... This sounds interesting! loved the interview.... Your life is not boring! You are busy with what you have! I know what you mean!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  4. Great interview! I've been taking a break from dystopian, but I'm thinking about giving it another try. Thanks for sharing!


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