Friday, June 8, 2012

Armchair BEA: Experts say

I feel like I've learned a lot but my mind is going blank, so I will direct you to a few sites that I really appreciated getting started (and even some still today)

About replying to comments through email and the answer to WHY you might not be getting emails from the blogs you comment on HERE
From Alison Can Read: How to turn off Captcha HERE
From Sniffly Kitty: guide to blogosphere including list of memes, stuff about arcs and tours HERE
Parajunkee's Book Blogging 101

One of the things I've been wondering about, I posted the other day about comments.
I said (from this post)
I love comments. That is a statement that probably every blogger can get behind.
But are all comments created equal?
I enjoy comments that say thank you for review, and things like that. It is validation for my work that goes into the blog.
But I love comments that go the extra mile and comment on something specific about the book, or even better, about something that I said in my review.
But, should we expect that sort of response? Should we expect comments at all?
I know when I visit blogs, I am usually more of the "thanks for the review" and sometimes a bit about what I loved or didn't like about a book, and the occasional I haven't heard of this one.
What makes you comment on blogs? Do you go and visit the blogs of those who commented on yours? What kind of commenter are you?
I got to thinking about this because I am so behind on returning comments. I am just now finishing through May 3rd, so if you've commented from then until now, I love you, and I promise I will get to your blog and comment.
I was also wondering, how do you feel when people link back to their blog in your comments. I usually do, because I know I like it when people do for me. It makes it one or two clicks easier to visit them back.

Do you have any questions? What is the most important thing you've learned?
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  1. Thanks for sharing those posts, I think that's a great way to share some of the tips you learned and give credit to those you've learned it all from. :) I always wondered why I couldn't email everyone back after they commented! haha I knew I could get emails because I have, but I was never sure why. :P I tend to just reply in the comments now that I've switched to embedded comments though, that way I can reply to everyone, and it doesn't look weird when I leave out the people I emailed. I do still email them the same response that I put on my blog though. :P haha

    And that's a great point about comments! :D I always try to make my comment more than just a Thank you and such. I feel like if someone took the time to write post, and I actually took the time to read it, then the least I can do is take a minute or two out of my day and make my comment at least a little bit thoughtful. I always try and comment back, too, which can be tougher if it's a meme and the person who commented doesn't really read the same kind of books as you. I always find it harder to find something actually worth saying about that, but I do try because they did too. I'm not as concerned if I can tell someone just left a copy and pasted comment though. And as far as links go, I love them for memes and for events like this. If a person hasn't already visited my daily post, then I'll leave a link so they can check it out if they like. :)

    Thanks for visiting my post today, Brandi. It's been great talking to you during aBEA, and I hope we keep in touch. :)

  2. I'm reading over what I'm about to send and wanted to say, I don't mean to sound...mean! I'm really not, just kind of blunt. LOL!

    I prefer quality comments and am more likely to respond AND visit back for a comment that says more than "Thanks". I can't really respond to "thanks" with more than "Thanks", you know? I comment to all of my comments on my blog (and then visit their blog).

    It's slightly greedy, but otherwise I don't know if they really value the comment. I follow A LOT of blogs and try to comment on all of those as often as I can. Our time is valuable, if I notice someone never stops by my blog and I stop by their blog frequently...I always wonder if there's a reason they don't and I've actually stopped following blogs after awhile for that reason. :\

    As for links, I don't mind people leaving links to their blog. I'm on Wordpress and if I'm leaving comments on Blogger blogs, my name doesn't link TO my blog and since I'm not on Blogger some people miss it in my bio. I've seen people complain about the links, but then complain about not being able to find the blog. I figure if me linking in their comments offends them, then they can delete the comment. I try to make it the least offensive ways as possible. (ie using HTML to link my name or my blog name)

    1. Don't sound mean at all, in fact its the kind of feedback I am looking for.
      I think with everything it's a mixed bag, some people will like it and others won't.
      I do visit blogs, especially those who visit me, and I read the posts, but with two small children sometimes it can be weeks or a month before I visit back, and when I comment, I figure that thanks for review is better than nothing.
      (Not trying to be defensive, just stating where I personally am coming from)
      Thanks for your comments and its been great getting to know you better.

  3. It's fine to link back to your blog. I try to comment back when I get a comment, and that makes it easier. I try to write meaningful comments, but it's easier to do if I've read the book. Otherwise it's usually "I'm adding this to my list, great review!"

  4. I just love comments - any kind.

    I tend to comment when I'm interested in the book or author. I comment on meme that I also do on my blog.

    Most of the time I will at least my under my name so peeps can find me. I know I've had comments that I wanted to return the love and couldn't find them.

    I will leave links on common memes. I think we just need to be tolerate of what peeps are willing to do most of the time.


  5. Commenting is one of the things that I've been working on. Sometimes I feel like even though I've read the post, my comment is still a bit generic. I don't like it when people leave a link in the comments. It makes me feel like they are just there for the opportunity to direct traffic rather than to interact. Don't most comment systems allow your link in the profile so that people can click through?

    I too can be rather blunt so I apologize if that sounded a bit mean...

  6. I like it when commenters link back to their blog as long as that's not the only point of the comment. Maybe say SOMETHING about the post before you link back. I tend to go on a bit in other people's comments and I wonder sometimes if anyone cares! :)

    Thanks for the link to the memes and blog tours - I'm always last to know about those :)

  7. The more meaningful and well-thought-out a comment is, the more I appreciate it. That being said, I do like getting comments regardless of how brief. Those that I think are best are the ones that create more discussion, even if it is by disagreeing (hopefully in a civil manner).

    I try to return visits to everyone who comments, but sometimes it is difficult to keep up.

  8. I think I forgot to hit the 'publish' button when I commented the fist time...but let me just say...
    That's a good question...but we can never be sure what sort of response a review will get... since not everyone has the same tastes when it comes to books...

    And about linking back on comments...
    I don't mind...but that doesn't usually mean I'll follow you back or check your post out...
    Because if a comment just says... "Check my post HERE and link back" or says... "New follower follow back?" I consider them spam...
    they didn't take the time to read my post...they're just going around blogs trying to gain some follow number :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog though!


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