Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's talk about comments and commenting!

I love comments. That is a statement that probably every blogger can get behind.

But are all comments created equal?

I enjoy comments that say thank you for review, and things like that. It is validation for my work that goes into the blog.
But I love comments that go the extra mile and comment on something specific about the book, or even better, about something that I said in my review.

But, should we expect that sort of response? Should we expect comments at all?

I know when I visit blogs, I am usually more of the "thanks for the review" and sometimes a bit about what I loved or didn't like about a book, and the occasional I haven't heard of this one.

What makes you comment on blogs? Do you go and visit the blogs of those who commented on yours? What kind of commenter are you?

I got to thinking about this because I am so behind on returning comments. I am just now finishing through May 3rd, so if you've commented from then until now, I love you, and I promise I will get to your blog and comment. 
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  1. I'm more of a short and sweet commenter. I love comments as does anybody but I think sometimes it all comes down to time and getting to as many blogs as possible. Great question though.

  2. I try to comment as often as I can whenever I read a post. I know personally, I love comments because they make me feel like people are actually reading my posts, even if it's to say something little like they like my review or they agree.

    I tried to go read everyone who commented on my post's blog, but it's really hard and I don't want people to feel like they should comment just to get comments back.

    If people leave a link in the comment, I probably will visit them back at some point. I do try to reply to most commentators on my blog.

  3. I try to leave more thoughtful comments. This is actually a new goal of mine that I just started about a week ago. So far so good but we'll see how long it lasts. But before I was usually left "thanks for the review" type of comments.

    I think that when you leave really thoughtful comments, you probably don't comment on as many blogs. I guess you just have to find a balance between commenting on a lot of different posts and leaving thoughtful comments.

    I don't return comments as much as I should. Although, I need to start doing that more.

  4. I'm from a fashion-blogging background where a large majority of comments revolve around "cute outfit follow me? kisses from milan xoxo." I love commenting on posts which ask for an opinion (such as this one).

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  5. Since I returned from my hiatus, I'm trying to become more of a commenter who goes the extra mile. I like more in-depth comments on my posts so I think it's only fair if I return longer comments too. I used to do the whole 'Thanks for the review' thing but it doesn't really show whether you've read the review or not so I prefer to talk about some of the points made in the review :)

  6. Nice discussion! I really enjoy commenting, and I try to do it often. I try to write a unique, thought-out comment each time, but sometimes (often with memes) I find myself saying the same thing over and over. But with reviews, I definitely try to say something about what I liked about the book, or, preferably, what I liked about the review.

    I visit everyone's blog who comments on my blog, and leave them a comment in return. But I do get behind occasionally. And I have a few blogs that I comment on all the time, regardless if they've commented on my blog recently or not. Then I read through my Google reader each day and if I find a post I want to comment on, but can't comment right then (since I prefer to comment from my computer and I usually read my Google reader on my phone) I save the post until later. But this makes me get really behind on commenting! I'm currently trying to catch up on that!

    But I really appreciate comments, no matter how long or short, and it really is what keeps me going. I think this community and comments are a big part of why we all continue to do what we do.


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