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Giveaway and Review: Amber Frost by Suzi Davis

Amber Frost (The Lost Magic, Book One)
Amber Frost by Suzi Davis

Grace Lynn Stevenson is an eighteen year old girl who recently moved with her wealthy, but busy parents to a new city. She's popular, pretty and rich - what more could a girl want? But deep down, she's sad, lonely and plagued by nightmares. 

When she meets Sebastian Caldwood at her new private school, she's inexplicably drawn to him and his strange tattoos. Sebastian always gets what he wants - he simply has to wish it; but he's fighting his own inner demons, and struggling to remember a past that eludes him. When he remembers that he is much older than he looks, he realizes that he's seen many people live and die, including Grace. 

Once Sebastian realizes his true nature and finds what he has been searching for the past hundreds of years, he also realizes that it is now up to him to protect Grace from the dangers that have plagued them throughout eternity
Published in US: Dec 2010
1st in The Lost Magic Series


*My Review*

       I am able to connect with main character before I even know her name! I can sympathize with the whirling thoughts and feeling like something is missing. As well as trying to live up to parent’s expectations, which I am sure is a pretty universal thing.

      And then I start to hate her a bit. The awesome looks, seemingly perfect boyfriend, artistic, family has money. But then I am snapped back to the fact that she feels empty, hollow- I have felt that before and no matter who you are or what you have, that is a horrible sensation.

     The intrigue starts right away when her thoughts and drawing is interrupted by a mysterious guy she has never noticed before but is supposedly in her class. He has an accent and he is beautiful so I am sold pretty much right away and want to find out more. Compared to him, when seemingly perfect boyfriend enters the picture I want to smack him J

    Him and the other people of the popular crowd are stereotypical, but well written- jocks, superficial (at least at surface) girls. The way they are in the spotlight makes me really glad that I was never there even though I often wished I were popular in high school and still do sometimes.  

     Grace is obsessed with Sebastian- wanting to find out more. Actually looking forward to seeing him and finding herself smiling. I can totally see why. He says heartfelt things, and he also says strange things, that I want to know what is going on. There is obviously something paranormal with the forgotten pieces of his past and the strange events that happen.  It is fun to watch unfold, and I was constantly looking for a free moment to read so that I could see what would take place next.

       The romantic suspense and tension is well set up. She writes beautifully and there was one scene I (well, Grace, but you know what I mean) was expecting a kiss and didn’t get it. I felt let down- that is a mark of good writing. Suzi’s writing not only draws me in, it is lyrical. In this, some words and phrases are repeated close together, but it doesn’t distract. My attention was drawn there, but it served to amplify what she was getting across. The plot moves wonderfully, showing me the action, the sweet moments, and the moments of processing.

                I am so frustrated in Chapter 8 but once I finally understand it makes it all the more romantic and selfless. Yeah. I know. Vague and frustrating, but if you read, which I hope you do, you’ll understand.  I am a fan of how Grace questions things, not just blindly accepting and not caring. Though her decisions are driven by love, they are not solely based on it. She also holds to her morals and I like that she doesn’t compromise based on how love and physical intimacy can make you push those lines so easily.

      When the mystery slash paranormal aspect is revealed, I expected something of the like, but that did not lessen the impact or effect. I still had many questions about how it works. I can’t say much else past this without giving spoilers, but it all leads up to an amazing conclusion. Pain love, past lives, danger, and sacrifice for those you love!
     I really enjoyed this one, and definitely recommend for everyone to pick up a copy.

Awesome quote
    “I had a strange dream last night… and I woke up thinking about you and I felt like I had to know you- like I was meant to.” I blurted out. “That sounded weird.” I added, dropping my gaze in embarrassment. He slid his chair closer to mine and leant towards me, gently reaching out over the empty seat between us and lifting my chin to raise my eyes to his. His fingers felt soft and smooth, and very warm.
“Don’t be so afraid of the truth,” he encouraged. His eyes were a dark black-blue now, twinkling mysteriously. “And just so you know – I like weird,” he added with a playful grin, pulling his hand back to his desk before I had time to lean away.
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  1. I have never heard of this book before. Thanks for the review and giveaway! I am definitely adding this to my TBR pile!

  2. Trying to live up to your parents expectations is a pretty universal thing (and seemingly impossible)! This book sounds very intriguing! I think I would be able to understand the characters, just from the way you describe it. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. This looks like a great book, and perfect for the season too! Thanks for hosting!

  4. This book looks really good! I want to read it!! :)

  5. Thanks for the review and giveaway! The book sounds amazing!

  6. This sounds great....a 5 out of 5 Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance

  7. Thanks for the review. This book sounds amazing and it seems to have all the aspects I love in YA. You get lost in a story like this and it seems to whisk you back in time :) Can't wait to read it

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  9. I have to admit given what you are saying about the inside of the book, I'm actually a bit hesitant. Maybe I'll win and it will blow my mind away~~

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books

  10. It's great that you were able to connect with the main character. I'm always troubled when I feel disconnected. It just makes the reading experience that much harder. Great review.

  11. From the review, I can see that it's not difficult to get into the books
    I love the way you describe her.
    I'll check out about this book soon

    Thanks for the chance, anyway

  12. I loved reading your review of Amber Frost! Thanks Brandi :)
    I'm also enjoying reading all the great comments.
    Good luck everyone!

  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to reading it.

  14. I've heard from around about what a great author she is, especially for this series so far (even if it's newly published)! But your review is just spurring me on, I hope to find Amber Frost soon! And if my fingers are really crossed, maybe I can have luck for this giveaway :P
    Thank you for the chance!! :D


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