Saturday, January 1, 2011

Talk with me about TV

So here are some of the shows that I love (or did love when they were on air) Do any of our loves match up- and do you have any recommendations for me?

Vampire Diaries-- yeah. Nuf said.
Dark Blue
Human Target
Third Watch
Strong Medicine
Secret Life of the American Teenager
Make it or Break It
One Tree Hill (only before Peyton and Lucas left)
Life Unexpected


  1. I like Secret Life too. And House. Have you ever watched Supernatural? I LOVE that show!

  2. Huge Vampire Diaries fan ;). Team Damon, just so you know :P. And I used to watch House, but I'm so behind now :/. One day I'll have time to catch up with all these shows!

  3. Shows I have loved: Lost, Alias, Buffy, Felicity, Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries, Bones (which is on opposite VD and makes it hard to love them both at the same time) Greys, Seinfeld.

  4. Def. had to check out this post when I saw a vampire diaries picture :D

    Stopped watching OTH after Lucas and Peyton left too! Though I heard they are supposed to come back for an episode or two!!

    I think you should add Nikita to your list, that show is completely AWESOME!

    I also love Grey's Anatomy. I've also started getting into Private Practice, though I haven't watched the previous seasons which I need to do but I've gotten into it.

    Check em out :)

  5. I haven't watched any of the shows you mentioned, but I loved Charmed when it was on, and I currently love Leverage and Criminal Minds (although CM is slowly losing it's greatness, which makes me really sad. I imagine it will end soon... Sigh)

    But, overall, I don't watch much TV. Leverage and CM were both recommendations from my BF, and I got hooked. :)

  6. Great list! I love Vampires Diaries a LOT (just like everyone else) but I only got onto it because I love Lost so I fancied seeing Ian Somerhalder in something else :).
    If you like Make It Or Break It then I'd recommend Hellcats, I like it anyway! Oh, and Modern Family is just awesome!x

  7. I'm team Damon ^^
    Do you know Lie to Me ? I like a lot this show :)
    Ok there is no supernatural things in it but that's great.

  8. I guess I am more of a crime genre person when it comes to I love NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, CSI, Bones, Castle (its one of my fav of the I use to love watching Monk when it was on. I started watching Vampire Diaries but didn't keep up with it.

  9. I tend not to be the fan-girl type, but when it comes to Vampire Diaries, I make an exception.

  10. I love every show on your list and I would add Supernatural, Buffy, Charmed and Lost. :)

  11. I loved HOUSE MD and One Tree Hill, too! :D Dr. House's sarcasm and wittiness never fails to amuse me. :D I'd recommend Nikita if you like spies.

  12. Oh I absolutely adore Criminal Minds. I've been a fan of that show since season 1 and for me, each episode just gets better and better. Love Vampire Diaries and am also a huge fan of CSI: Las Vegas. Otherwise, I'm not too big on TV - I'd rather read. *grins*

  13. Great List, only two loves in common House and ER though I have to say I have gotten behind on both. I love CSI, NCIS, Law & Order (almost all of them) Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters (gotta love Sally Fields and Calista Flockhart in the same show) I have also fallen in love with Castle, and when they were on I loved Charmed and Angel and catch reruns when I can. I love TV and can usually find something on that I like. I also watch the DIY network at times and SciFi depending on what's on. I have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to TV. Thank goodness for DVR though otherwise I would never get any TV watching done :)

  14. I don't really watch too much television anymore, but Vampire Diaries is one show I can't let go. I'm all caught up now and can't wait for it to come back!

    I used to watch OTH (pre Peyton/Lucas leaving, Make It or Break It, and occasionally Grey's, but that's it.

    I'll always have a deep, undying love for Buffy and Angel, so you should check those out. And Veronica Mars was my favorite show back when it was on. A smart, sassy heroine with an awesome dad and a mystery to solve - that's what I love.

    I saw some other people say Alias too. I loved that show and Lost, but you have to be willing to commit to the entire series because the seasons have plot points that tie them in as a whole.

  15. My all time favorite show in high school was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don't think I ever missed an episode. Several years ago (I'm 27 now) my favorite show was Grey's Anatomy. Now, I don't watch most anything unless it's on the Discovery Channel, but I do LOVE Biggest Loser. It always makes me cry. I'm a sucker for it, what can I say.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  16. I know I was late on this one but I came across this one while I was poking around your site and I couldn't resist the urge to comment. Like most bookworms I don't watch much television but I do make some exceptions.
    LOVE, LOVE Vampire Diaries!! ^_^ TEAM DAMON!! He is gorgeous and I love his eyes. I was wondering if you read any of the books because I read The Awakening and I hated it!! But the show is soooo good!!
    Oh, and I totally thought that I was the only one watching Life Unexpected, haha. What a great show full of drama! <3

  17. I can't decide between D and S they are both hot and have their own merits.

    Life Unexpected has surprised me how much I like it.

  18. I have read all of the Vampire Diaries books and was anxiously awaiting this one as well. I am a huge Damon fan. I feel that he has a lot more charisma than Stephan.


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