Friday, September 30, 2011


  Today's Mini Challenge is all about Collections!

You know what I'm talking about, right? It's those important items that mean a lot to us that we can't help collecting. 

Me and my husband collect books, board/card games, especially munchkin. Otherwise, I try not to. For awhile I bought everything Twilight and as a kid I loved to buy stuff for my Playmobile. When my daughter is big enough for it, I will probably start that again. 


  1. Playmobile is so cool! My brother had a pirate ship; I was always so jealous of a friend who had that same house, because I wanted it but we couldn't afford it. :(

    Other than books (obviously, haha) I also collect My Little Pony, fashion dolls (I only have a few, though, since they're so expensive and I'm a poor college student - I have six Pullips and two Blythes). I've also got a hefty stash of nail polish, shotglasses, and quirky action figures.

  2. What is this Munchkin? The pictures are so cute! I guess I'll have to do a little Googling and find out more info! Great post & great pics!

    Why not check out my collection?


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