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Interview with Calvin Locke author of Dream Fighter Chronicles

The Dream Fighter Chronicles Book One: Discovery
Dream Fighter Chronicles Book One: Discovery by Calvin Locke

Five cousins fall asleep in their grandparents' basement and share a dream. In it, they have special powers. Haley can leap across the room, Braden can move objects with his mind, Jack moves at super speed, and Jillian can make anything she wants appear before her eyes. What they don't know is they come from a long line of legendary warriors, Dream Fighters, and it is now their turn to join the fight.
Led by their uncle, they learn of a centuries old order of people with special abilities just like their own. In order to protect the real world, they must stop an invasion by the evil Sarlak and his army of Gorgons. With only their uncle, himself trapped in Jillian's doll, as a guide, they must master their newfound powers and stop this attack before it starts.
Along the way, they will discover their specific powers and understand how to use them, as well as control their fear and learn to work together, even when they really don't want to. Only hours before they were just normal kids playing video games in the basement. Now they wield the same powers they used in those games, only there are no save points or restarts. This time, everything counts and there are no second chances.
From sinister traps and magical trickery, they will fight off Sarlak's plan and somehow find a way to save the day. Whose power will lead them to victory? Which one of them will fall under Sarlak's spell? This first book in the Dream Fighter Chronicles tells the story of how it all began for these future heroes.
Open Internationally. Ebook for international and choice of hardback or ebook for US.
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Our Interview:

--The Twitter version: tell us about your book in 140 characters or less.
5 kids share a dream and find special powers. They stop invasion to save the world. Heroes rise, enemies fall. Baby-Wets-A-Lot goes wee-wee.

--How did you get the idea for the story? My mother had read my detective novels while recuperating from heart surgery. She said she loved them but, 'Your nieces and nephews can't read them.' She was right about that. So I wrote a short story which turned into a series. I'm on book six now.
--Which character would you most/least like to have dinner with? I'd love to have dinner with Danny. He's a character based on my nephew who passed not long after birth. He just seems to have this feistiness to him that's contagious. If this were a wish, I'd wish my sister and brother-in-law could have that dinner with him.

--What are some of your favorite books? Do you still have much time to read? I read a little less than I used to. I always loved Clive Cussler's books for the adventure. I'm a fan of Ernest Hemingway (it's the English professor in me) and Count of Monte Cristo is an absolute classic. Other than that, as a mystery writer (my alter ego) I always find time for a good mystery.
--Do you have any other works in progress? Any teasers or release dates? Book three of The Dream Fighter Chronicles should be out very soon. It's called United They Stand. The fourth book, The Nowhere Kids is in final edit. The series takes a drastic turn in that book, which is more than double the length of the previous three. I am also working on a spinoff young adult book, tentatively titled The Shadows of the Knight. My alter ego is writing his fourth mystery in the John Keegan NYPD series, called We All Fall Down.

--If a fairy godmother told you your life could be like a favorite book for 24 hours, which book would you pick and why? One of the aforementioned Clive Cussler books. I'd love to spend a day in the life of the main character, Dirk Pitt. He's an adventurer who really enjoys life. One day in his shoes is like a year in mine.

--Do you need anything to write (music, coffee, etc)? Are there any songs on your playlist- songs that inspired you or that were playing while you wrote? I like to write to music.  Usually, it is instrumental, but classical music isn't my thing. So I listen to video game soundtracks. It really works. Except for the time I used a soundtrack from a game that was tense, scary actually. That writing session didn't go well. Tough to write with the jitters.

--If you could have any superpower what would you choose? Everyone chooses flight because, well, it's so cool. Besides that, I'd like the ability to freeze time. It would give me a chance to live in the moment more.

--Besides writing, what do you like to do in your free time? I like sports. I play baseball and hockey and ride my bicycle whenever I can. You can also find me wherever good food is served.

--Is there anything else you want to add or say to your readers? The Dream Fighter Chronicles came from very important people in my life. Sure, they are ficitonalized, but the essence came from them. Even though I wrote the books with children in mind, adults appear to enjoy it just as much. Consider the story to be an adventure of endless possibilities, hard decisions, and the importance of trust, with a dose of humor thrown in. Oh, and without anything that would be anywhere near inappropriate for children.

Lightning round: this or that?
Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla
Edward or Jacob? Jacob
Hockey or soccer? Hockey
Ebook or paper? Ebook. (Man, my past self hates me for that)
Salty or sweet? Salty.
Beach or mountains? Beach
Phone call or email? Depends. Phone call from a loved one. Email from everyone else.
Early bird or night owl? Night owl.
Dog or cat? Dog
Messy or neat? Messy
Ninjas or pirates? Pirates. The eye patch!
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