Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comment system- what do you think/like?

Do you like the blogger comment system? I know that I have been a little frustrated because I wish there was a thread like way to reply to comments (such as how Wordpress does it).

Or do you not check back to see if blog author responds? I know that I try to, but I don't always unless I ask a question. I would prefer a visit to my blog. 

I have been debating on switching to Intense Debate (like 21 pages has). The only thing is you have to log-in (or I won't be able to visit your blog back and comment on your posts). Once you are logged the first time, you seem to stay that way for a while. I think I prefer this one if I switch, but it is all about YOU!
Do you comment less on blogs that you have to sign in ?

So, tell me what you think!


  1. You can respond to blogger comments. It's kind of a pain especially if you do giveaways but it's not too bad. All you have to do is under the comment tab - type in your email (toward the bottom) and you'll get en email every time somebody leaves a comment. Then from your email you can hit reply. It'll tell you what their email address is if it's registered some have it under no-reply. I don't run into many that you can't respond too.

    I've thought about Intense Debate too. I've heard that you can always turn that off during giveaways but honestly thats just another thing i'll have to keep up with, lol. :)

  2. Well since I have a blog too, it's not so bad to comment. But yeah, if the author of the blog comments back to me, I don't usually check back. I don't like the email followups because then I get comments from EVERYONE, regardless. That's what I find annoying. I would prefer it if it was in response to my comment.

    But the signing in thing can be annoying. I know I did sign up for a Livejournal account just so I could comment and my Livejournal page to this day is still blank. So it's can be irritating as you said.

  3. Personally, I think IntenseDebate is the best; after seeing it on 21 pages, I decided to change my comment system to it (a couple of months ago, I think)and it's working great!
    I tried Disqus, too, but it's not as good. IntenseDebate allows anyone to comment, and no, unless you're the one implementing it, then you don't have to have an account - you can just post with your alias, e-mail and URL and if you want, the reply can go straight to your inbox.
    Blogger is a pain when it comes to comments, and sometimes it wouldn't log in, and I personally don't remember to check back, even if I do have a question, so it makes it a ton easier.

  4. I think I would probably comment less it I had to login every time. It just would take up to much time especially if I just wanted to leave a quick note.

  5. I don't really like signing in, but it's better than that awful Blogger word verification!

  6. I don't mind the way Blogger does it. I also like Intense Debate. Signing in does take extra time, but it can be worth it. I prefer both Blogger and Intense Debate to Disqus.

  7. Interesting -- I thought I just had to live with blogger style comment rules -- so I've no opinion on other styles, although having just signed up for a WordPress account, I'm a bit stymied by it. So if you do change, I'll be curious to experiment with it and see how I like it!

  8. Parajunkee has this great tutorial here:

    It is where someone comments on your post and you receive it in the email and you want to immediately respond back you can and it will be sent to their email. She explains it a lot better than I do. I think if everyone was to do this then it would make our lives a whole lot easier :D


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  9. i dont mind either, i think blogger is a bit more convenient (that is, without word verification... which always drives me nuts) having to log in doesn't prevent me from commenting.

  10. I'm using blogger but I really don't have a preference. Blogger is easy to use and I don't have to tweek anything on my blog. I'm basically hopeless when it comes to html.

  11. I think Blogger has a very easy going comment system. Blogger makes it easy in all the ways.


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