Thursday, September 23, 2010

I need your help/opinion

I have been chosen to do a guest post in October with Mandy Hubbard. I have never done a guest post, so I don't know what readers want, or what I should ask (I am supposed to request a topic).

So let's hear it-- what topics would you like to see Mandy discuss?

Do you have any tips for hosting a guest post??

Thanks! You all are awesome!


  1. can you ask her what keeps her motivated to write and her routine? also, she used to write in fictionpress a long time go-how did that help her, if at all? Where does she get her ideas?

  2. How exciting.

    I'm always interested to know just how (and when) they write. Do they only write when something occurs to them/when they feel inspired? Do they write for a set number of hours per day? Do they write things in long hand, with a type writer or do they use a computer?

  3. Personally I'd love to hear how her job (she works in publishing) helps with her own writing!


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