Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Readers

Disclaimer: I borrowed this tutorial from Good and Crazy People. While I did not write it, I would love to share it with you!  
How can I link my email address to my blogger profile?

For me?

Would you mind? It's easy I promise.

Will you edit your blogger profile to SHOW your email address?

I really want to reply to YOU. I have no idea who No-Reply is? I'm sure she's nice and all. But I just replied to 15 comment emails and AFTERWARDS realized half of them were to Ms. Fancy Pants No-Reply. Crap.

How to add your email to your blogger profile. (A tute)

Why? I love to reply directly to YOU when you comment! And it’s goofy to put a response to my blog in your blog comments!
{Don’t worry. I promise I’ll be the first one to comment on your lovely post!}
Go to your Dashboard (click customize at the top of your blog then dashboard):

  • Step One: Open your profile page, click EDIT Profile on left side of profile.
    (If you need help finding your profile page let me know).
  • Step Two: make sure the box marked show my profile and show my email address are checked.
  • Step Three: Under Identity, add the email address you want comment replies to be sent.

  • Optional, change your display name to match your blog somehow?
    Or leave as your fist name? (I use Carissa{GoodNCrazy} so people can relate it back to my blog).
  • Step Four: scroll to bottom and click save!
You did it. Now come back and comment, so I can reply to you in real email form!!


I would love to hear from you! (I always try to visit your blog back) I love links, so feel free to link to your blog or a post you like.
Sorry, but I am award and tag free zone, I do not have the time to return. Comments are reward enough :)