Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sexiest Book Heroes (in my opinion)

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I am participating in Larissa's Top 5 Sunday meme this week!

The theme for this week is:
Sexiest Book Heroes!

 Feel free to comment on your top sexiest book heroes, or go to Larissa's site here and join in the fun. 

1. Edward (Twilight)
2. Gavin (The Light of Asteria)
3.. Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
4. Jace (Mortal Instruments)
5. Ash (Iron Fey)

Runners up: Stephan (Vamp Diaries), Peeta (Hunger Games, Patch (Hush Hush), Will (Clockwork Angel), Valek (Study series). 

Who are your Top 5 OR who do you think I left out?


  1. Top 5 Literary Crushes, AKA Top 5 Hottest Literary Jerks:

    1. Tom Riddle/Voldemort (Harry Potter) (uh yeah don't ask)
    2. Silk/Prince Kheldar (The Belgariad & The Mallorean)
    3. Will Herondale (Clockwork Angel)
    4. Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)
    5. Jean Claude (Anita Blake)

  2. Jace is fine though. I never really cottoned onto Dimitri or Edward, or Stephan for that matter. Too nice.

  3. 1. Jace (Mortal Instruments)
    2. Will Herondale (Clockwork Angel)
    3. Jem Carstairs (Clockwork Angel)
    4. Draco Malfoy (not the canon one, the one from Cassandra Clare's fanfiction, 'The Draco Trilogy')
    5. Edward Cullen (Twilight)
    6. Heath Luck (from 'House of Night' by P.C. and Kristin Cast)
    7. Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)
    8. Harry Potter

    A bit of a random list, and an odd kinda number, but meh. And yes LSL, I do think Tom Riddle is probably the most attractive character we know in the Harry Potter world. Just hasn't quite got the personality to go with the looks to make this list for me :)

  4. 1. Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments)
    2. George Cooper (Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce)
    3. Rath Roiben Rye (Tithe, Ironside by Holly Black)
    4. Seth (Wicked Lovely)
    5. Bill Weasley (Harry Potter)

    and Runner Ups are Numair (Immortals quartet by Pierce), Jagged Fel (Star Wars Expanded Universe novels), and King Mendenbar (Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede)

  5. 1. Jace (Mortal Instruments)
    2. Damon (Vampire Diaries)
    3. Adrian (Vampire Academy)

    Only 3 lit crushes so far (and yes they're all cocky bastards... lol) but I think I'll fall in love with Will as soon as I read Clockwork Angel :)

  6. 1. Jace (Mortal Instruments)
    2. Edward (Twilight)..THE book version..not that dork Pattinson who can't act!
    3. Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
    4. Ash (Iron Fey)
    5. Jamie (Outlander) Not YA, but he is AMAZING

    I'm only 1/3 through Clockwork Angel, so not sure what "team" I will be, but I am loving snarky Will.


  7. Great list!!!

    I love Edward, Jace, Gavin and Ash too =)))

    Thanks for participating =)))

  8. 1. Jace (TMI)
    2. Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
    3. Will (The Clockwork Angel)
    4. Edward (Twilight Saga)
    5. Heathcliff( Whuthering Heightz)
    6. Edmond (The Count of Monte Cristo)

  9. Oh my Edward is def the book not Pattinson-- maybe even more in love with the edward of some of the fanfic I have read :D

    I forgot Adrian-- mmm hotness, and I can't even decide who I want her to be with.

    And Voldemort? That is a new one :D

  10. 1.- JACE WAYLAND!!! (TMI)
    2.- Will Herondale/Jem Carstairs (not yet sure :S)(CA)
    3.- Jared Howe/Ian O'shea (the host)
    4.- Legolas Greenleaf (hehehehehe mainly from fanfictions)
    5.- Rath Roiben Rye (Ironside)
    and sooo many moree.... What do u guys think?

  11. I have not read The Mortal Instruments series yet or Clockwork Angel so...And I only read The Hunger Games so I have no alliances yet.

    1. Jacob (Twilight) I know I'm the opposite team LOL.
    2. Ethan (Beautiful Creatures)
    3. Sam (Shiver)
    4. Cam (Fallen)
    5. Zach (Shadow Hills)

  12. Great choices! I also like Damon from Vampire Diaries---I know, I'm bad!


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