Friday, September 17, 2010

Love Triangles-- Tell me what you think!

I got this idea from Everything to do with books, and I liked it so much, I decided to post here too!

This is what I think:
I am back and forth on them. If they are written well, then they can be awesome in a book, but I do not like the story to be all about the love triangle.
Books I really enjoy them in: Twilight, Iron King/daughter, Dead Tossed Waves (I am not finished but can't decide!!!).

Sometimes I just want ONE hot and drool worthy love interest though. Light of Asteria is a perfect example. They are completely devoted to one another and that is the love that I would really want to pull for!

What do YOU think??


  1. I'm with you - if they're done well, they can be oh so very awesome! But sometimes, you just want mister perfect!

  2. Do you know this isn't something I've given much thought to before but ...... I'm with you, as long as they are well done then I don't really mind. It is frustrating when you think they are with the wrong person in the triangle though - I'm thinking of Twilight here.

  3. I don't like them and would prefer YA authors to jump off this band wagon. I can't think of a single love triangle that I consider to be written well. For me a good love triangle not only means riveting tension & drama but true mystery over who the female protagonist will choose. In all of the love triangles I've seen, it was obvious right from the start who the heroine will inevitably pick. Thus, there was no real suspense, and I just ended up feeling like the other love interest was simply used & discarded. Also, a lot of the time it seems like 2nd love interest isn't even well developed as a character and is pretty much just a plot device.

  4. I personally hate love triangles they can ruin a book for me. I like the book to focus on one couple. I hate not knowing who their going to end up with. Thats why New Moon was my least favorite in the Twilight series.

  5. I agree with you. If they're done well they're great. Lately in YA it's been so commonly used it's exasperating.

    UF has been using the trend for love triangle with werewolf and vampire guys. It's getting old too.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  6. I think love triangles are cliched and very rarely done well. Once in awhile they work but I haven't found too many examples.

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  7. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! Following you back :D

    I'm kind of torn about love triangles. I think for the most part I find them frustrating, typically because there's one guy I really want the protagonist to be with, and it's annoying to have a clearly sub-par/not suitable other choice bopping around and causing trouble (and leading the heroine to flip-flop around, often making her look fickle). This is especially annoying if it's obvious to everybody but the heroine which guy is the one she likes.

    However, it does add tension and gives me something to root for in the story. If there's just one guy then there has to be some other device to 'separate' them for a while, or it's just too easy.

    Surprisingly enough, I've rarely been super torn between two romantic interests for the heroine. Usually I am quite firmly one 'team' over the other (for instance, this was true for both the Hunger Games and the Uglies series).

  8. I hate love triangles. I can never feel sympathetic to the protagonist. I always feel like smacking her and yelling "what's wrong with you? You've got two hot guys trailing after you! Most girls would love that! Pick one already!"
    On Twilight: I didn't like it. It was obvious who she'd pick in the end, anyways.
    On Hunger Games: Also, it got on my nerves, but the way it's set up it's obvious who she'd pick. Got on my nerves a bit, though. At least Gale and Peeta were two totally different guys.
    On Iron Fey: There was no real competition. She barely felt even more than a flicker of emotion for Puck.
    Never read Light of Asteria Way, though.

  9. Just popping by - thanks for checking out my blog. New follower now for you too.

    I am a fan of love triangles as long as the whole book isn't about the love triangle itself... like you mentioned. So I don't mind them. I do, however, love when there is one really strong relationship throughout a book instead. :)

  10. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yeah, sometimes only one love interest would be nice, lol. But I think it's fun to have "teams" and see who everyone roots for!

  11. Blog-hopping by to say hello! I love a good love triangle with two awesome 3-dimensional guys who would each be a good choice for the heroine for different reasons, but really how often do we get that? So often, the triangle just seems to be there to hook readers.

  12. Great topic. For me, like some of the others have already said, I don't really care for love triangles, but I may have to check out the Zombie book you reviewed because it sounds interesting, in spite of the love triangle.

  13. Great input-- keep it coming! I love to hear from you and thoughts of other readers!

  14. I'm very tired of Love Triangles! I wish they would just make a choice!


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