Sunday, December 26, 2010

Question to you about ARCs

Blogging question of the week-- I have had a few questions about ARC's so I thought I would answer and turn it over to my fellow readers and bloggers.

If you get them, do you request from publisher specifically? Or have you just gotten on their radar because you email reviews? Or some other way?

Personally I get from tours, netgalley, and have also had a few authors contact me personally.

--If you would like this to be a regular feature, email me or leave a question for me to ask next week :)


  1. I'm not too crazy about getting ARCs at the moment. I get a few from NetGalley. I've only contacted a publisher about getting a review copy once -when I was desperate to read a book. I'm on no one's radar yet....

  2. I use netgalley too. A couple of authors contacted me to review books and I have recently signed up for a couple of ARC tours.

  3. When I started out I used NetGalley. Now that I have more followers I contact the publishers and request to be added to their blogger list. Although sometimes they contact me about reviewing after they read a review on my blog.

  4. I LOVE your new look! Also, as for ARCs I only request if it's something I'm dying for. Usually I'll get contacted by the publisher/author. Lately I've been signing up for blog tours so I've been getting a bunch that way. The best thing is not to make them your prime focus and lol.

  5. The new layout is so pretty!! Love it!!

    I've done a mixture of both. I didn't contact publisher actually for a year or more because I was so scared, lol I've gotten some I've requested and others I haven't, and I've only gotten one response saying they would send them to me. The others just showed up in the mail. (So always make sure to include your mailing address.)

    A few times I've been contacted by a publisher or author. Those are a bit rare but I always get super excited when it happens, lol

  6. What is netgalley? I've always wanted to get books before everyone else gets to buy them but I don't know exactly how to go about it.

  7. I mostly get my ARC's from NetGalley and First Reads on Goodreads. A couple of authors have contacted me, I've sent a few requests to publicists/publishers (if they say no, then they say no!), and I've also gotten one from a tour being held by the publisher.

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  8. Love your new look! I get them from NetGalley. I, also, contact publishers directly. Sometimes I never hear anything. But other times, I get a surprise and books show up in the mail. It's hit or miss. A couple of books I want are coming out in the Spring of 2011, so the publishers have added me to a list of contacts or request I contact them closer to the published date. Some authors list ways of getting ARC's on their websites.

  9. My first review copy was from an author who sent me it after following my blog for a while but it wasn't an ARC. I plucked up the courage to email a publisher about a specific book I was dying to read but it turned out it wasn't being published in the UK but they sent me a big box of review books and added me to their mailing list. So far, they have been finished copies but I have won an ARC through an author's Facebook page so those competitions are worth looking out for!
    Kristy from the Story Siren has some great help posts about ARCs here:


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