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Review: The Broken Lake by Shelena Shorts

The Broken Lake (The Pace Series, #2)
The Broken Lake by Shelena Shorts
In the aftermath of Sophie's ordeal, Weston will make some uncharacteristic decisions to distance himself from the past in an attempt to change the future.
But, while venturing into the improbable, the present sneaks up in a chilling way that will lead to Wes' unexpected submission. Suddenly, Sophie will find herself watching as both his immortal secret and his own existence are threatened.
Continuously intriguing, The Broken Lake takes readers to a place where eternal bonds confront a division that is sure to leave everyone wondering whom they can trust.
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Published in US: Aug 19th 2010
2nd in series- 1st being The Pace
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**My rating: 4.5/5**

*My Review*

     The romance in The Broken Lake really made me lose my breath. I am really jealous of Sophie and want to steal him away all for my own. Shelena has a wonderful thing going with this series, and has a talent at writing romantic scenes. The simplicity but beauty of their interactions are wonderful. Both Wes and Sophie have their own personalities and they are able to join together to make a strong and interesting couple.
     While there is not quite as much action, there is plenty of character building, romance developing, and sub-plots coming together. There is a new character introduced and we finally get to meet Kerry as well. I am a big fan of Sophie's friends. Dawn and Kerry are not perfect but they are well written and they are their own people. They have their purposes and I love to see their interactions.
     The Broken Lake left a smile on my face almost the whole time reading it, and a sense of longing, giddiness at a few hot scenes as well as a few sweet ones. I must say though this does end on a cliff hanger (again) and I am dying to get my hands on Iron Quill.

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  1. I was eyeing this book on Goodreads the other day. Thanks for the review! I really want to read the book.

  2. I read The Pace and I keep forgetting to pick this one up. Thanks for the great review cause it totally reminded me! :)

  3. Ok, I am really going to have to make a point of picking up this book. I remember you reviewing the previous book and already wanted to read the book then. Great review Brandi


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