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Review: Gasp by Lisa McMann

Gasp (Visions, #3)

Gasp (Visions #3) by Lisa McMann
After narrowly surviving two harrowing tragedies, Jules now fully understands the importance of the visions that she and people around her are experiencing. She’s convinced that if the visions passed from her to Sawyer after she saved him, then they must now have passed from Sawyer to one of the people he saved.
That means it’s up to Jules to figure out which of the school shooting survivors is now suffering from visions of another crisis. And once she realizes who it is, she has to convince that survivor that this isn't all crazy—that the images are of something real. Something imminent.
As the danger escalates more than ever before in the conclusion to the Visions series, Jules wonders if she'll finally find out why and how this is happening—before it's too late to prevent disaster.
Publishes in US: June 3rd 2014 by Simon Pulse
Genre: ya paranormal
Source: library
Series? Yes. Visions #3
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   Gasp has been on my wishlist for a while since I love Lisa's fast paced books about kids with visions. Jules is the main character and I adore her heart for others, wanting to help and do all that she can. Her narrative voice is right up my alley because she is snarky and I can relate with what she is going through. Well, not the vision part, but the dysfunctional family. I've also enjoyed the family feud between her parents and her boyfriend Sawyer's. 

    The romance is sweet and seeing them together is swoony, real and becoming one of my favorite romances. While they have their differences of opinion at times, ultimately they want to be there for one another and help through these hard situations. They have both been in the position of having these visions, and the horror and responsibility that puts on their shoulders. Once they knew the visions were going to happen and lives were at stake, they did all they could to learn how to prevent them. 

   Though I mentioned the dysfunctional family earlier, I guess it is mostly how much they have worked growing up, and the fact that their dad is a hoarder and seems to be severely depressed or have bipolar. He's absent a lot from their lives and the business, and they have to walk on eggshells around him. But what is amazing is how it has drawn Jules and her brother Trey and sister Rowan together. Their close relationship, and genuine friendship--having each other's backs and confiding in one another is another aspect of why I love this series. 

    The subplot with Trey and his romantic inclinations is nice. I like that he finally gets some love in this one and the emerging sweet crush is fun to read about when the pressure of finding who the visions got passed on to, or if they indeed get passed on to another victim becomes so intense. 

    Gasp was just what I needed to get out of a reading slump-- after several DNFs and one that I barely held on to in order to review. Its the perfect blend between steamy  (in ya terms), action, funny and serious stuff going on. These teens take on so much more than they should for their age, but they want to save people, they can't sit back and be complacent. 

    In Gasp, something tragic happens with Jules' family, but I appreciated how it woke her parents up to the lifestyle they'd created, and what was missing and wrong. I liked seeing the transition and also that it wasn't easy on anyone, but that its a great first step. 

    The ending was great, and it left me satisfied with the series, and with a sigh of contentment at what Jules, Sawyer, Ben, Tori, Rowan and Trey's futures could look like, and that they have every chance to have their HEAs, not only at the end of the book but also bigger ones for the rest of their lives. 

Bottom Line: Perfect ending to the series, maintaining the snark, action and responsibility for others that they feel but also a journey to letting go at a certain point.

My question to you, my lovely readers:
Have you ever lived through or narrowly escaped a tragedy?
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  1. oh one of your fave romance? That's nice and I'm quite curious.

  2. I'm glad this book broke the DNF cycle for sure, Brandi! This is a new series to me, but I like the fact that you mentioned the family changed for the positive, and of couse the swoony romance too ;)

    PS I love you new banner/header to go with your new name for your blog :)

  3. I'm so happy you enjoyed another McMann book!

    Btw, I'm loving your new blog look.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad this wrapped up the series so well, Brandi. I really want to pick up this series. I read McMann's Wake trilogy and loved it.

  5. That's great this got you out of a reading slump. I need to read more by Lisa!

  6. I'm so glad that the series ended well for you, and I'm glad it helped you out of a reading slump. This definitely sounds like a series to pick up!

  7. I've had my eye on Lisa McMann's books for a while. Glad you have enjoyed this series! I always have a special love for books that pull me out of a slump!

  8. I still haven't started this series but I have heard some really good things about it. I'm so glad you enjoyed this final book in the series. Great review, Brandi :)

  9. Love the title and thankfully I haven't gone through anything like this!

  10. I like that they kept the snark up

  11. It's nice that you are seeing growth and that the romance is becoming a favorite. Wonderful review Brandi!

  12. Love the new look!
    I've only read Crash, but I do want to continue in this series!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  13. I love the new makeover and the new title! Gorgeous! :-) I"m so happy to hear this is a good ending to the series and that you enjoyed it. I really need to make time for these books because I love her writing. Lovely review!

  14. I enjoyed the first two books in this series so I'm happy to hear the ending is satisfying. Lisa McMann wrote a believable dysfunctional family and I thoroughly disliked the father for his selfishness, Hopefully he shapes up. Wonderful review, Brandi! I'll have to get to this soon. :)

  15. Hey girl!! Love the new look!! Banner is great!

    It is a shame that a tragedy has to occur before the parents snap out of it, but Gasp really sounds like a fab read! Great review!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  16. I read the first book in this series and really liked it but i just never picked up the sequel :( Your review ld thw tjird though has me wanting to run out and buy the last two books and binge read the series! Great review :)

  17. I haven't read this series, but anytime one ends this well, I have to check it out. Glad you loved it ;) And yes, I have. Or rather my sister has. She blew-out a tire going 70mph on a major interstate at 4pm and didn't hit anything, or GET hit by anything except for the median 4 lanes of traffic over from where she started.

  18. I have not read this series- but I love that this book got you out of your reading funk. That says so much! :) Great review.

  19. It sounds like you were definitely in need of a great book right about now. The characters seem to really care about each other - romantic and friendships, and I always enjoy seeing that in a story. Fantastic review! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  20. Oh my gosh, YES. I remember your DNF list was like a mile long. I'm glad you finally found something worth finishing!

  21. Great review sweetie. <3 I'm glad you liked Gasp :D I did too. <3 But had some issues with the romance :p I expected a bit MORE, you know? And it didn't happen. Grrrr. But I still loved it :)


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