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Review: Nova and Quinton: No Regrets by Jessica Sorensen

Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (Nova, #3)
Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (Nova #3) by Jessica Sorensen
Today is the first day of Quinton Carter's new life. The toxic guilt of his past left him in pieces-but one girl unexpectedly put him back together. Thanks to Nova Reed, Quinton can finally see the world with clear eyes. She's the reason his heart is still kicking behind the jagged scar on his chest. And he would love to have her in his arms every minute of the day . . . but he's not ready yet.
Playing drums in a band and living with her best friends are just some of the highlights of Nova's life. But the best new development? Talking to Quinton on the phone each night. She wishes she could touch him, kiss him, though she knows he needs time to heal. Yet shocking news is on the way-a reminder of life's dark side-and Nova will need Quinton like he once needed her. Is he strong enough to take the final leap out of his broken past . . . and into Nova's heart?
Publishes in US: April 15th 2014 by Grand Central Publishing
Genre: NA Contemp
Source: Netgalley
Series? Nova #3
My review of series: 1-Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen
2- Saving Quinton by Jessica Sorensen

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    I wanted to read this one because I adored their first book, had my heart wrecked by the second and just had to find out if they could get their elusive HEA. 
    We are back to the dual perspectives and I am loving this healthy Quinton. He's brutally honest, and working so hard to stay clean. He knows that he's not ready for a relationship, but he and Nova text and talk on the phone all of the time. I love their interactions and how they transition from sexy, to funny to serious, to talking about nothing and back again. I get to see the best of them through the other's eyes and their happiness and being caught up in being in love. 
     I really appreciate that Quinton is putting staying sober above all things though, and I am still seeing growth in him but also in Nova. She is realizing just how much she loves to help others and starting to accept that some of the things that others think about her, that she is a joy, that she can bring out the best in others, and has a gift for seeing the best in others and not giving up on wanting to help them. She is considering a journalism project that would cause her to travel and its causing her a lot of stress and indecision because she wants to be around to help others, and weighing at what point she should make a decision for herself. 
    We see a lot of Tristan in this one. He is so hitting on Nova and she is trying to be blind to it, because she wants to be his friend and help him, but for her its Quinton, and no room for thoughts of other guys. He's sick and hiding things for part of it, and based on the prologue I had some suspicions, but then I saw on Jessica's site that he gets a book, so I don't know if I can be right, or if it will somehow work into the next storyline. 
    While this one still deals with a lot of hard stuff, and Nova is still working through seeing her late boyfriend's suicide and Quinton is dealing with the death of Lexi and Ryder and how to move on but still honor their memories and deal with the grief. I think its awesome that he's in therapy, going to a group about guilt and being a survivor from tragedies, as well as volunteering in the community. He is getting to put his focus on helping others while helping himself, and I think that is a great way to give back as well as help others in their dark times. 
    I flew through this one, and all the while reveling in the chemistry between Nova and Quinton and so rooting for them to be able to work it out and actually be in the same room together to get more of their scorching kisses and maybe more. 
    The ending managed to make me so happy, and really get the characters on their feet and make me happy. It was so realistic, and while nothing was magically perfect there was a promise that things could be amazing and a sense that they are ready for the next part of their lives, that as readers we aren't going to really be able to access, unless through Tristan's story. 
Bottom Line: Realistic and emotional.

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  1. This sounds like a pretty good book and I love a realistic story. I've only read one book by the author and I swear every series of hers I want to check out is on like book 3 or 4! Anyways, great review :)

  2. I haven't read all of hers, but have really enjoyed this series

  3. There's nothing like a good HEA to wrap-up a series, and you can't go wrong with a realistic story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. I can't read these books. My heart can't take it. Lol.
    Glad you loved it!

  5. I have a hard time with these super emotional ones. I'm reading one now that's good but it's almost hard to read. I'm glad that you enjoyed this!

  6. Andrea @The Bookish BabeMay 22, 2014 at 12:38 PM

    I struggle a bit with Sorenson's books, but I know a lot of people love them. I'm glad this ended well for you!

  7. The first book in this series was fough for me but still really good. I have a hard time reading about characters in self destruct mode but JS did a great job. I put off reading the second one because it sounded too much for me but I may have to finish out this series seeing your enjoyment. Wonderful review, Brandi! :)

  8. I still need to read this one! And like you the first one totally captured my attention, the second one broke my heart, and I must know what is going to happen next! And I can't wait for the ending, glad you enjoyed it and that it made you "so happy!" :D

    Lovely review!

  9. Oh Brandi, I really enjoy this author and I am so behind on her books, I have this on my wishlist :) I devour them too :)

  10. I'm glad to hear the ending made you happy on this one, it sounds like it's a tough journey to the HEA!

  11. I'm love how you managed to totally love the ending for these characters! I actually read the first book in this series and didn't properlly connect with it but i'm a huge fan of her other series (callie & kayden)

  12. Oh, I'm so glad you got the ending you wanted. This sounds like a very dramatic series. Lots of tragedy and problems to overcome. I'm glad it sounds like the couple worked through their individual difficulties.
    Yes, I am constantly volunteering. School is my main source of volunteering, but I start a new chapter this summer helping with mental health patients.

  13. Okay that sounds pretty amazing. I love when you can really see a characters progress on issues. I've still not read any of hers but am kinda kicking myself for that now. lol

  14. Oh it's great to know that you loved the ending! It sounds like a really good second book. It's great when it's like that

  15. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsMay 23, 2014 at 11:01 AM

    So a happy ending? Yay! Haven't actually read any of Jessica Sorensen's, (I think I flicked through one of her YA's) but can't remember it. Don't know if this series would be my type of read since yeah, some heavy topics that I like to stay away from unless I'm in the mood for one of those (so I'll keep it on my list for when I am.) :) Glad you enjoyed it though! I was giving blood a lot and started volunteering there but had to stop because of medical issue, but hopefully I can start doing that again. I was volunteering in a nursery (but since I was also studying there, it doesn't really count, haha.) But, I'm hoping to start volunteering at a Field Hospital as soon as I can.

  16. Whew so much hardship and it has to be emotion packed. So glad that it ended on a great note! Wonderful review :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  17. I agree... both characters did grow throughout this one! I really enjoyed it myself! Awesome review... mine is coming up in June!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  18. Great review! I haven't heard of this series, but it sounds like a good one!

  19. Never heard of this before, but it does sound pretty cool. And yes, I volunteer! I am going to volunteer in China soon, to help out in orphanages :D

  20. Melissa (Books and Things)July 17, 2014 at 2:36 PM

    Love that this one is realistic but it sounds like it would make me cry. Oh no! Still hm... might have to pick this one up.


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