Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: The Iron Quill by Shelena Shorts

The Iron Quill (The Pace, #3)
 The Iron Quill by Shelena Shorts
With Weston's self-imposed forty-eight hour deadline having already lapsed, Sophie's patience is pushed to the max- especially with her realization that his concern is not for his own well-being, but for hers.
Just when they embrace a reconnection, she'll learn that her greatest threat is not necessarily something that might happen in the future, but something that's happening...right now. And this time, Sophie and Wes will need the help of more than one person to fix it -even if it means giving up his secret.
With time forever moving, and the dark cloud at its lowest, the third book in the Pace Series stays true to its signature grace and determination as Sophie and Weston take the biggest detour so far.
Published in US: Aug 1 2011
3rd in Pace Series
Source: publisher for honest review

My Review:
  The Pace Series is one that since I discovered it, the next installment is always on my anxiously waiting for list. The Iron Quill, like it's predecessors did not disappoint. The characters, the writing, and the pacing are right in line with what I expected, and the ending left me with that longing and expectation for the next chapter in their story.
   There was no time wasted getting right into the plot and it was like I didn't miss a beat. It was like picking up with old friends, a comfort level, and a sense of completeness. That isn't to say that it started with Sophie and Wes in an easy place--that seems next to impossible with their situation, and their history, but I was glad to be back in their lives nonetheless.
   There are old characters that we're used to, and a new and intriguing character that we get inside his head. He's a great addition, and I love how he's introduced and then how he impacts the story.
    Ms. Shorts gives the right information at the right time, and kept me breathless on the edge of my seat waiting to see how things would turn out. She writes with an obvious passion, and I really appreciate how she can flesh out what the characters are feeling and thinking, putting me right into their shoes. She isn't afraid to blow up the character's worlds though, and no matter how hard it is to read, this really is a feat of a writer. Especially when I see no way to really reconcile it all, but have faith that somehow she will get them to the end!
   This is a wonderful series, a great installment, and I can't wait until more from Sophie and Wes.
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