Friday, October 24, 2014

It's not you: It's me: DNF Chasing Power by Sarah Beth Durst

Chasing Power
Chasing Power by Sarah Beth Durst

Lies, secrets, and magic — three things that define Kayla's life.
Sixteen-year-old Kayla plans to spend her summer hanging out on the beach in Santa Barbara and stealing whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Born with the ability to move things with her mind — things like credit cards, diamond rings, and buttons on cash registers — she has become a master shoplifter. She steals to build up a safety net, enough money for her and her mom to be able to flee if her dad finds them again. Well, that, and the thrill of using her secret talents.
But her summer plans change when she's caught stealing by a boy named Daniel — a boy who needs her help and is willing to blackmail her to get it. Daniel has a talent of his own. He can teleport, appearing anywhere in the world in an instant, but he lies as easily as he travels. Together, they embark on a quest to find and steal an ancient incantation, written on three indestructible stones and hidden millennia ago, all to rescue Daniel's kidnapped mother. But Kayla has no idea that this rescue mission will lead back to her own family — and to betrayals that she may not be able to forgive... or survive.
Publishes in US: October 14th 2014 by Bloomsbury
Genre: YA fantasy
Source: Netgalley
Series? not sure

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Stopped at 4%
    I wrote a post about negative reviews, and how I don't review if I don't finish, and a very wise blogger pointed out that knowing what a blogger doesn't like can be valuable to publishers and authors too. I think that it also helps my readers build trust that I am not just slapping good ratings on everything I read. I have a knack for picking what I will lack based on synopsis and reviews, but that even fails. Then another blogger mentioned she did a did not finish post and I thought it was a great idea. So, here we go:

I didn't connect with the main character. I guess that I should have paid closer attention to the synopsis but it starts out with shameless stealing for no reason than to impress friends and I just couldn't get farther than that. Even with the appearance of said boy who would be the romantic interest.

    That isn't to say that the writing is poor or the characters are poorly constructed, it's personal on my end.

Positive reviews:
All Things UF


  1. Sometimes ya just gotta do that. *nods*

  2. Shame! Though, I was looking forward to her Conjured before it came out and then the reviews and ratings put me off it, so still haven't read one of hers, but yeah, that would annoy me too. And if I haven't got a connection with the main character, it's hopeless. :(

  3. I am about to give up on this one too ;/ I'm giving it a few more pages to redeem itself but... I do not like the MC at all

  4. I have to say, i'm not that familiar with the book to begin with. So it's not going to be a terrible loss if I skip on this one as well.

    thanks for your honesty!

  5. I didn't read this, but I have heard good things about this author. I may try a different book by her!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  6. 4%? Oh no! I just read a positive review for this one, so now I'm a little unsure. I'll hold off on this one. Thanks for being honest!

  7. Good thing you realized it early and not slough through more before you decide to quit

  8. Hm, I haven't heard of this one before but it doesn't sound like something I would pick up from the synopsis. It's a shame you didn't like it, and shameless stealing to impress mates doesn't sound too good :(

  9. Interesting. I do hate when I can't connect

  10. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like this one, I really enjoyed it.

  11. I hate that these things happen. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I tried Conjured by this author and it was a DNF for me. So maybe it wasn't you, Brandi. Oh well, hopefully the next book is better. :)


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