Monday, July 9, 2012

Crush Tourney

Who are you voting for?
Have no idea what I am talking about, read here

And here's who I am voting for:

For Fri 20th

Aiden vs. Ash
I voted for Aiden (It was hard, but my love for JLA won)

Dimitri vs. Archer
I voted for Dimitri
YA Sisterhood

For Mon 16th
Adrian vs. Cricket

For Mon 9th:
Eddie vs. Sam

I want her to be happy.
It is worth sacrificing myself.
-Eddie Castile, Bloodlines-
Christian vs. Adam

Will Vs. Vincent:
 Team Will (button from burning the midnight oil)

Zachary vs. Alex, I chose Alex, what about you?

Coming on the 20th:
  (from Jennifer's site)
Aiden vs. Ash

and Daemon vs. Augustus

**Images from YA Sisterhood Tourney pages unless otherwise noted**
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  1. The only series I have read here would be The Infernal Devices and I am Team Jem sorry xD. I wish your teams luck though!


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