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Review: Traitor by Megan Curd

Traitor (Bridger, #2)
Traitor by Megan Curd

Ashlyn never believed in fairy tales until she was in one.
They say ignorance is bliss, but not when you're on a centuries old hit list...and there's a traitor in your midst.
Ashlyn must decide what's most important: trusting the allies she has, or siding with those she thought were enemies. Ashlyn knows old friends can turn on her, and unlikely allies may be the best chance she has to piece her family back together. No matter what her choice, she could lose someone she loves.
And when you don't know who to trust, believe one thing: You can never trust a faerie.
Released in US: March 17th 2012
2nd in Bridger Series, 1st is Bridger, and I can't find any info on the 3rd, though Megan is my twitter buddy and maybe she'll give me an idea :)
Here's a link to my review of Bridger

My Review:
    It took me all of five seconds to get sucked in the adventure packed world of Ashlyn, the awesome main character that Megan has crafted. Megan is strong, stubborn, and cares so much for her friends and family. Ash has a wit and humor about her that I can't help but fall in love with and be invested in her until I get to the last page and beyond.
    I was up until all hours of the night reading this, and didn't want to stop until I got to the last page, and even then, I still wished that there was more to read.
    The other characters that I loved, Liam the hot love interest. My heart broke for some of the things that he and Ash went through and had to deal with, and I love the heated moments we see between them. Meemaw is present and kick ass as ever. I love every scene that she is in, and I never know what to expect. I also love hearing what other people think about her, and how she invokes such a response from people. When I get old, I wanna be just like her, lol.
    It wouldn't be complete without talking about how awesome Reece is. My heart goes out to him and his feelings, and the sacrifices he makes for the people he cares about. He is such a great best friend, even in those moments he is being hard-headed and you want to strangle him a little. I almost cried near the end at what he did, and I can't wait to see what happens in his story next.
    There is never ending action, and surprises and twists that I never saw coming. Megan keeps me on my toes, and I can't wait until the next one to find out what happens to these characters that I have come to love and care about so much.

What do you think of this book and/or my review?
What's the greatest sacrifice that you've made for a friend or a friend has made for you?
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  1. Sounds like a winner, I'll have to check when it is available here in England.

  2. so nice to have a book you're hooked as soon as you start it. I didn't know this one but I love the sound of the synopsis. thanks for the review!

    1. It's second in a series. I follow Megan on twitter and she is such a sweety, and even better, she writes beautifully.

  3. Great review. Did you know the second paragraph in the summary rhymes? I know, so immature, but it made me giggle.

    Sounds like a good read. I LOVE the books that keep you up!


  4. Awww. Sounds like a really sweet faerie book. :)

  5. I have not seen this book around before, and it does sound good :)

  6. I was offered the first one when it came out but was too overwhelmed to fit it in. I'm happy to hear this is a great series though! I think your review has me convinced I really must fit it in!

    I'm not sure what the greatest sacrifice I, or a friend, have made, but when I moved away with only a 2 hour notice my best friend dropped everything and came with. Which was awesome because I REALLY needed her at the time.

    1. That is one awesome friend!

      Hope you get a chance to read it, and enjoy

  7. I am looking for a new series, and this one sounds great. I love books that are packed with action. Great review!

  8. this sounds like an awesome series and i need to add it to my list asap..awesome review!

  9. Nice review, check out the new YA book, Cameo by Tanille!

  10. What a great review, Brandi. I haven't heard of this series before, but now I am definitely going to pick the first book up! Plus, Liam seems like a total book hottie!! <333 I need to find out more about him. But it's so sad how Liam and Ash have to overcome so many things to be together. "The course of true love never did run smooth..." :P

    I love that question at the end of your review! The biggest sacrifice a friend has ever made for me is when she broke up with her boyfriend just because i had gone through a really tough breakup myself. I don't know if I'll ever be able to repay her! :')

    1. That a great friend, glad that she helped you through and I doubt she wants repayment besides your friendship

      Liam def is a book hottie, btw

  11. I haven't heard of this series. Seems like a good read.

  12. I haven't seen this series before...but this cover and your review making me curious! I have to check this book out! :)


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