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Review: Choke by Diana Lopez

Choke by Diana Lopez
A heartfelt novel about the disturbing "choking game" trend -- and one girl's struggle for self-acceptance.
If she could -- if her parents would let her -- eighth-grader Windy would change everything about herself. She'd get highlights in her hair, a new wardrobe; she'd wear makeup. But nothing ever changes. The mean girls at school are still mean, and Windy's best friend Elena is still more interested in making up words than talking about boys.
And then one day, Windy gets the change she's been looking for. New girl Nina -- impossibly cool, confident, and not afraid of anyone -- starts hanging out with Windy! Nina even wants to be "breath sisters." Windy isn't sure what that means, exactly, but she knows she wants to find out. It sounds even better than a BFF.
Windy is right, at first. Being a breath sister gains her a whole new set of friends, girls she feels closer to and cooler with than anyone else. But her inclusion in the new crowd comes at a dangerous price. Windy wants to change everything about her life ... but is she really willing to give up everything in the process?
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Published July 1st 2012 by Point
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Blkosiner's Book Blog review

     I totally related with Windy. Not in the popular crowd, but not really completely on the outside crowd either. On that edge and wanting to change so many things about yourself. I also related with the feeling of doing things I didn't necessarily want to but it sounded cool because a new friend thought it was fun.
     I felt for Nina. She really stood up for Windy and Elena, which warmed me to her, but I could tell that something wasn't quite right with her. I just wondered what was brewing under the surface, and Diana Lopez peeled back her layers slowly. Obviously she has the problem with the choking game, but you have to wonder what her motivations were.
     Elana is the best friend that is awesome. She is so nerdy and that completely appeals to me, as does her loyalty and ability to forgive.
     I also really appreciated the idea of finding yourself and looking for what you love and how to incorporate that into your career. We got to see it with Windy and her relationship with her parents as well as in her own life, working at the nursing home with Mrs. Vargas. By the way, I appreciated  so much the well written and close family relationships as well as the presence of Mrs. Vargas, Windy's adopt a granny.
     Diana Lopez writes with fluidity that got me lost in Windy's story and feeling for her as I read about her self discovery and journey into the dangerous. She also handles such a difficult subject with finesse.
    The ending is heartbreaking but a wake up call, and I couldn't really expect much different, although she did surprise me some by the end results.
    Bottom line: Important subject, handled well. Great MG read that can appeal to older readers as well.

My question to you, my lovely readers:
Have you or anyone you know played the choking game?


  1. Wow that's a very serious topic. And it seems like the author did a good job. It's sad to think things like that really happen. Great review!

    Freebie Friday-

  2. Great review! I've never really read any books like this before..I'll probably check it out. I don't know anyone personally that have played the game, but I back in highschool I used to hear things about kids playing it and thinking it was fun, which I don't know why it would be...Sad...

    Freebie friday - n_thao06(at)hotmail(dot)com

  3. The answer to your question after the review is no, I have never played the choking game. If it's what I think it is, I saw this one girl on the bus do it one time. I was like what in the world is wrong with you. This story sounds really interesting and can't wait to see what all happens when I read it myself. Great review.

    Freebie Friday

  4. I love your review and Choke sounds like a powerful book choice for both my daughter & myself! <3

    I think so many of us can relate to Windy, we all want to know what it's like to be pretty and popular and hanging with the *in* crowd. Teen years can be pretty traumatic, there's no getting around that. My heart goes out to some of these young people struggling to fit in :(

    Gotta admit, I'm ate up with curiosity as to what *Breath* friends are and how they work the choking game into something anybody would actually want to do!! See what you've done lol

    Anyway, thank you for the sweet giveaway! :)
    Freebie Friday
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  5. No I haven't and as a mother of a freshman it is really scary to think that kids this age might really be doing this!

    Thanks so much for the Freebie Friday and for bringing this book and series issue to light!

    mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com

  6. I haven't seen or done the chocking game. I do like your review. It's cool how sometimes you can really RELATE to characters.

    Thanks for the giveaway FF!

  7. No, I haven't, and I don't regret never having done so. :)

    Nicely reviewed, Brandi. This book sounds excellent, and I'm pleased that you enjoyed it. I've only vaguely heard of it but you've certainly convinced me to at least consider reading it. :)

    (Not entering giveaway)

  8. My sister did in middle school and she ended up hitting get head and my mom had to go get her from school. Fortunately nothing more serious happened. I can never understand why kids do things like this. I guess a lot of it is like this book though. Peer pressure and wanting to be accepted. This I'd the first time I've heard of Choke. I'm glad it was written well so the subject isn't being put in a positive light. Thanks FF !!

  9. I have no idea what the chocking game even is o_O Scary

  10. I've never heard of chocking game. I'll google it.
    But I like what you said in your review. This book sounds like something you read in one breath. Great review!

  11. I don't know anyone who plays the choking game, but I saw the occasional tragic news of those who played the game. I'm glad to learn that you find the book handles the subject well. I'm adding this to my wishlist, thank you for sharing!


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