Thursday, February 9, 2012

MY DNF pile- Did not finish post

I wrote a post the other day about negative reviews, and how I don't review if I don't finish, and a very wise blogger pointed out that knowing what a blogger doesn't like can be valuable to publishers and authors too. Then another blogger mentioned she did a did not finish post and I thought it was a great idea. So, here we go:
Brother/Sister Brother/Sister by Sean OlinI couldn't get into this one because I didn't connect with the characters. I got a few chapters in.

Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy, #1) Angel Burn by Weatherly
I wasn't able to connect with main character and the world set up. Maybe I was in the wrong mood.

Lost in Dreams Lost in Dreams by Bruner
The religion in this book seemed to forced. (I am a Christian and still felt this way by the way)

Bite Me
Bite me by Parker Blue
The interactions seemed forced and I couldn't connect with how she responded to what was going on.

The Hound of Rowan (The Tapest...
Hound of Rowan by Neff
I found too many similarities to Harry Potter without the characters that I could root for and connect with.

The Glass Maker's Daughter (Th... Glass maker's daughter by Briceland
I couldn't get into the world setup with the guilds and terminology. I was left a lot confused and didn't want to wade through. I didn't feel like Rissa was genuine. She came off as whiny instead of reluctant heroine, but maybe because I didn't relate with circumstances.

I see a theme here--I am a character gal, and if I don't relate or connect, I can't get into the book. That isn't to say that the writing is poor or the character is poorly constructed, it's personal.
I'd love to see if you have a great review of any of these books and what you loved about them. 
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