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Now working! Book Giveaway and Author Interview: Jaguar Sun by Martha Bourke

Jaguar Sun by Martha Bourke
December 21, 2012
Will that fateful day destroy our world, or did the Mayans have something else in mind?
Maya Delaney knows.
Maya Delaney is just an average sixteen-year- old. She’s busy dealing with exams, her soon to be ex-boyfriend and fitting in. But Maya’s got bigger problems. She’s hiding a major secret from her dad and having strange visions she can’t control. In her struggle to figure out who she is, she learns that she is meant to fulfill an ancient Mayan Prophesy and bring forth a New Age on earth. Will the spirit magic Maya wields be enough to defeat Toltec, an evil society bent on keeping her from her destiny? Or will that destiny destroy her?

About Martha, from her site
Martha Bourke grew up in Burlington, Vermont, often considered a hub of "free thinking." She was encouraged to write and be creative at a very young age. Martha also had her father's talent for languages, which later became her career. She spent fifteen years creating and teaching in foreign language programs for young children. She continued to write on the side, trying out a variety of fiction genres. Then she discovered YA - specifically, paranormal romance. She was hooked!

Martha and her husband of thirteen years have carved out their own little piece of Vermont in the Massachusetts countryside. When not writing, she loves spending time with her animals, good music, thrifting, and adding to her Converse collection. She is currently working on book two of the Jaguar Sun Series, Jaguar Moon.

Our interview:

--The Twitter version: tell us about your book in 140 characters or less. In Jaguar Sun, 16 year old Maya Delaney holds the key to the Mayan 2012 prophecy. She, her BFFs the twins, and her boyfriend Matt must figure it out in time.

--How did you get the idea for the story? I taught Spanish forever and I think with 2012 coming up, it was just a match made in heaven! I got to research a ton of really interesting stuff and then put my own magical twist on it. Perfect.
--Which character would you most/least like to have dinner with? I would say probably with Matt. I mean, come on, hello! Although the twins would make for a lot of laughs!
--What are some of your favorite books? Do you still have much time to read? I just finished Girl of Smoke and Bone before going into editing. LOVED IT! I haven’t read much lately, but usually I do.
--Do you have any other works in progress? Any teasers or release dates? I am just starting Book 2 in the Jaguar Sun Series, Jaguar Moon. It will be out in 2012. Hey, it might be kinda fun to release it right on December 21st! I hadn’t thought of that!

--If a fairy godmother told you your life could be like a favorite book for 24 hours, which book would you pick and why? Little Women. I was a tomboy as a kid and she was like my hero.

--Do you need anything to write (music, coffee, etc)? Are there any songs on your playlist- songs that inspired you or that were playing while you wrote? Sorry, guys. Most of the songs for this series have been by Spanish artists (for obvious reasons), although there was definitely some Keane, Muse, Coldplay. I can’t listen while I write, but I listen nonstop when I’m not writing.

--If you could have any superpower what would you choose? I know it’s boring, but probably healing.

--Besides writing, what do you like to do in your free time? Read, listen to tunes, watch movies, shop at thrift stores, add to my endless Converse collection (that’s not a paid advertisement).

--Is there anything else you want to add or say to your readers? Read! Read anything and everything. Just read.

Lightning round: this or that?
Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla.
Edward or Jacob? Who?
Hockey or soccer? Hockey (Don’t tell the twins I said that)
Ebook or paper? Ebook
Salty or sweet? Both together!
Beach or mountains? Mountains (I’m from VT!)
Phone call or email? Phone
Early bird or night owl? Early bird
Dog or cat? I have both!
Messy or neat? Messy
Ninjas or pirates? Wait, what?

The giveaway: Choice of paperback or ebook (paperback is US only, ebook is open internationally)
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  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Please enter me. I would love to read this book.

  2. What a dramatic cover. I want to open it and read!

  3. I like that the book deals with 2012. How interesting. fun interview though.


  4. Always interesting to know how authors write and what inspires them.
    Cleemkenzie is right, the cover is pretty dramatic.

  5. These were very interesting interview questions, especially the one about the fairy godmother.

  6. I am with you on concentrating while listening to music. I just want to sing along :) Thank you for sharing with us today.


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